Poll: should we torture kids who use drugs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TorontoTrader2, Oct 1, 2006.

Poll: should we torture kids who use drugs

  1. Yes, they will provide names of suppliers, leading to the real Kingpins

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  2. No, I believe Drug Dealers should have more rights and be protected

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  1. Using the current "logic" of the day.... should we torture kids who use drugs
  2. About 5 minutes ago, I just got back from shopping at Walmart. I think that we should sedate the little bastards entirely.
  3. This is the second poll I've seen of yours in which the two options are set up to reinforce your own ideology. Why even bother to set up a poll? Are you that insecure of a person? I've read a lot of your posts, so I think I have my answer.
  4. FutTrd


    you are totally right,

    I voted just for fun anyway
  5. man


    i think these let's torture someone threads should
    be banned. they are a shame for the civilised
    world. it is against codes of conduct of ET.
  6. FutTrd


    yeah my bush thread is so much better LOL
  7. LOL! :)
  8. hcour

    hcour Guest

    I think we should torture people who post silly torture polls.

  9. The poll, wasnt torturous enough???