POLL: Should we kill Ahmedijinad?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jakejones, Oct 27, 2011.

Should we call this Islamic Cockroach?

  1. Yes, shoot him

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  2. Yes, hang him

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  3. Yes, bomb him

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  4. Yes, nuke him and his terrorist people

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  1. Vote

    "Call" meant to be "kill"
  2. I voted for bomb him, since if his corpse is shredded up, Islamic Terrorists won't have a shrine for him.

    God bless Israel and USA in the war against Mooslim Evil Terror.
  3. Ron Paul 2012 !!!!!!!!
  4. Yes I agree.
  5. Lucrum


    Yes you should call him immediately, and give him your address.
  6. You know that Paul said he would end all aid for Israel and he would not defend Israel if they were attacked right ?
  7. Lucrum


    You know that Paul is the polar opposite of your beloved messiah Obama right?
    The Obama you voted for, the Obama you're constantly apologizing for, the Obama you're constantly supporting, the Obama whose nut sack is dangling on your chin?
  8. Obama is not my messiah,just a guy that is better then Romney,Perry,Cain etc
  9. You know that Paul is the polar opposite of Romney/Perry/ Bachmann etc right
  10. pspr


    Call Putin, too, and tell him he's next. :D
    #10     Oct 27, 2011