POLL: Should US POWs be treated the same way that the Guantanemo prisoners are?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. A controversial subject... please vote... I voted for option 2...
  2. We should put Iraq on trial for war crimes, cos those smelly terrorist Iraqi bastids held our brave POW American hero patriots in dirty small rooms...
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    Candle, you're flip-flopping once again, be careful.... :(
  4. LMAO...Pervez....what a crappy name!! hahahaaaaaaaa
  5. ROFL! Yeah, he's a fuckin perverted terrorist...
  6. So far the majority want our POWs to be treated the same as we treat the scum in Guantanemo... that's SICK :mad:
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    Not at all, but possibly the majority (so far) feel that it's only fair....
  8. Very true, Brother Magna...
  9. If the Iraqis treated American POW's the same as the US treats monkeys down in Cuba, it would be a vast improvement from their current conditions, so I say yes!

  10. Iraq has claimed they will abide by the Geneva Convention on treatment of POW's. Soldiers in uniform are entitled to the protections of that treaty. That's where the familiar "name, rank and serial number" comes from. Apparently, parading them on TV is a violation, as is using them as shields.

    The Guantanemo prisoners are not soldiers strickly speaking and thus not entitled to POW treatment. We could line them up and shoot them if we wanted. They are considered terrorists and fall into the same general category as spies, saboteurs and the Saddam fadeyem. The latter, who are distinguishing themselves by staging ambushes from hospitals, killing civilians and executing surrendering Iraqi soldiers, should in fact be executed upon capture as war criminals. No doubt some pacifists will object.
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