POLL: Should George W. Bush be impeached?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Thunderdog, Feb 4, 2008.

Should George W. Bush be impeached?

  1. Yes

    22 vote(s)
  2. No

    19 vote(s)
  1. 9 to 1 thus far for impeachment. Surely there are more opinions out there, one way or the other...
  2. I'd like to hear peoples' argument for impeachment. Remember that DEMs have the majority in congress right now. If they really thought there were grounds for impeachment, they would probably be pushing for it.
  3. It depends on what you would like to impeach him for. Though how he has conducted the Iraq war is contemptable, I'd say no. On how he has allowed the entire southwest to be overrun by illegal aliens - impeach him definately, too bad the democrats will never get this.
  4. With a majority the Democrat's could also end the war. Or remove parts of the Patriot Act they find objectionable. Instead they whine their partisan "Herr Bush is evil" but have done nothing. Why? Because the Dem's are clueless.

    Given that the Democratic Congress hasn't even modified or eliminated a single Bush policy makes these silly "impeachment" polls look pretty moonbatty, eh?
  5. That's kinda what I was getting at. Sure I don't like many things Bush has done, but he only does what congress gives him power to do.

    Congress has done nothing to "fix" things, so impeachment would be pretty extreme. Fact is that most of congress still supports staying in Iraq. Most of them still support his tax cuts. Most support his foreign policy decisions. They have the ability to stop or at least limit him, but obviously most support him.

    It isn't in vogue to support Bush if you're a DEM congressman, so many speak out publicly so that they look good, and then don't support any efforts to slow him down.
  6. On the topic of impeachment though...

    It really says something about our voters when many of them are willing to vote for Hillary simply to get the only elected and impeached president back.
  7. I don't think it's the motivation of those voters. More likely they want to return to the years of peace, prosperity, strong dollar, strong military (capable of occupying Afghanistan in 2 weeks with no losses), full employment and budget surpluses.
  8. Yes, but pretty much any politician coulda made that happen during Bills terms. That's one of the only times in history when the Fed was worried about where they could possibly put the extra money that was being generated.
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