POLL: Shall we support Israel to exterminate Arafat?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. This is a topical poll... please vote...

    I voted for option 1... in my view, Arafat is a terrorist threat to the Civilized World and must be removed... by not giving Israel the go-ahead to remove him, we are endangering our allies' lives...
  2. "POLL: Shall we support Israel to exterminate Arafat? "

    Exterminate? no I don't think so, but perhaps he needs to be put in protective custody,for his own protection of course.
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    and they will kick your asses again, good luck!
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    if so ... what have Israel and the USA to do with this matter then ?
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    ...it is written:

    Thou Shalt Not Kill

    I saw it in a court house somewhere...
  6. Killing Arafat would only make a bad situation worse. The best thing they could do is put him in a time-out room until he exterminates himself.

    How many more israeli women, children and fathers must be killed?
  7. i don't understand how he's still alive...:confused:

    look at the chubby old fucker - he's like keith richards with 75 extra pounds..

    can you say "walking heart attack"???

  8. ummmm:D :D I don't understand how binladin and sadam are still alive?

    :confused: :confused:

    :D keep the spooks alive, keep the fear going, recycle, rinse and repeat. Can't solve these probs :D cuz you'll have to look at the real ones afterwards....... ahahahaha:D :cool: :mad:

    hey bung, did you like these?



    definitely this hehehe http://www.ericblumrich.com/gta.html

  9. indeed, i did. :D

    i still haven't seen bowling for columbine yet. i don't watch much TV except for adult swim and law and order...so thanks for the clip link. i will check out the film soon.

    the election thing and the depleted uranium videos i saw before when you first posted them, and yes, i did enjoy them...frankly, i'm surprised that they haven't been aired on TV...hopefully they will during election 2004.

    like i posted somewhere yesterday, it will be interesting to see if duh-bya can still carry the military vote...

    which reminds me -- who the hell is in charge of this country?? it's obviously not duh-bya or rumsfelon, so is it daddy bush, or that fat, sneering bastard dick cheney???

  10. It is also taught in some Wahabi schools somewhere ,"kill all the infidels". Maybe if we continue forcing Israel to "turn the other cheek" enough times (70 x 7) and if we continue treating Arafat like a Christian, he will stop acting like a terrorist?
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