Poll: Sell in May 2011?

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Sell in May 2011 and Go Fishing?

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  2. FLAT

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  3. SHORT

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  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/03/sell-in-may-and-go-away-s_n_560734.html

    "..._ Since 1950, the Dow Jones industrial average has produced an average gain of 7.4 percent from November through April and 0.4 percent from May through October.

    _ An investor who sank $10,000 into the Dow during the "best" six-month period (November through April) and switched to bonds during the "worst" six months in every year since 1950 would have posted a return of $527,388, according to the Stock Trader's Almanac. Doing the reverse would have cost the investor $474.

    _ Applying the approach to the Standard & Poor's 500 index, its returns from November through April have beaten those during the following May-October period 71 percent of the time dating to 1945.

    _ Adhering to the practice also would have reduced risk. For whatever reason, the stock market crashes of 1929, 1987 and 2008 occurred between May and October...."

    this article is from 2010 prior to May 06 crash.
  2. They low-balled the GDP expectations to 2.0. So tomorrow, if GDP comes in above 2.5, we're gonna have a monster gap up. [​IMG]
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    Psssstttt! Shortie, take my hand and let's buy some new highs...

  4. Thanks shortie for coming back with your fine threads. I call on those who read his threads to join me to warmly thank shortie.

    Back to opinions: I believe the dollar situation has to be straightened first in order to see more clearly the stock market outlook.
  5. Hey shortie. I have always wondered what the results would be if you combine the 'sell in may' rule with the 'first day of the month' effect.

    Funds buy stocks on the first day of the month and give higher than average returns. I wonder what the results would be if you only traded the first day of the month during that period.

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    thats exactly what I do........
    can't wait to put the riggers out.
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  8. buying a breakout is against my religion. nothing i can really do about that :(...

    my thinking is that we should NOT be going up like crazy any more but looking at AMZN going higher makes me wonder if there are still some good times for the rabid bulls ahead.

    did not AMZN miss big? did not really read what's going on there
  9. NoDoji, speaking of new highs: what about the Silver bullions?
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