Poll: S&P just reached an intermediate top at 868.47

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Port1385, Apr 24, 2009.

Did the S&P just top at 868.47?

  1. Yes we topped.

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  2. No more room to go up.

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  1. Guaranteed that the s&p just topped, and will not see that level for many, many months. I'm heavily short, and I know the s&p will be negative this year. The current s&p price is 868.47.

    Look out below!
  2. dirkd


    and where is your stop if you're wrong?? I have gotten bent over several times because i thought i knew where the market is going. you might be right, but im just wondering how you are working your risk management.
  3. Stop just above the line on the charts. The pivot is the fib line that price is rubbing under.



  4. He's got the ultimate protection.

    He doesn't trade.

    He's a troll.
  5. Div_Arb


    I like your analysis, but you have been wrong on 'the top' for weeks now. Let's hope you're correct this time, because i sold a slew of butterflies into Friday's close to get long some volatilitaytay. Cheers!
  6. Its tough to call bottoms and tough to call tops. For example, we all knew that the tech stocks were topping out in 2000 but we just didnt know when or how high they would go before it topped.

    We all knew that real estate was topping out, but didnt know when until after the fact...

    We all know this is a bear market rally, but we dont know exactly when it will turn.

    Here is some more insite at the following link:

  7. No, we have bottomed. Too many people calling the top so I'm buying high to sell higher.