Poll roundup with one day left

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  1. WITH JUST ONE DAY TO GO.... On the eve of Election Day, four national pollsters have released their final surveys of the season. If there's good news for the McCain campaign in these final results, it's hiding well.

    USA Today/Gallup: Obama leads McCain by 11, 53% to 42%, among likely voters. One of the key results that jumped out at me had to do with taxes: 48% of voters believe Obama will raise their taxes, but 50% believe McCain will do the same.

    Susan Page, USA Today's Washington bureau chief, added, "One more historic tidbit from the survey: Obama's favorable rating is 62% -- the highest that any presidential candidate has registered in Gallup's final pre-election polls going back to 1992."

    Pew Research Center: The final Pew poll gives Obama a seven-point lead, 49% to 42%, but then goes a step further and extrapolates from the remaining undecideds to arrive at a prediction: 52% to 46%. (Eric Kleefeld notes that this methodology got the result just right four years ago.)

    CBS News: Obama leads McCain by 13, 54% to 41%. The report added, "More than nine in 10 of each candidate's voters now say they have made up their minds about who to vote for and are not likely to change. Just seven percent of Obama voters and 8 percent of McCain voters say they still might change their minds."

    NBC News/Wall Street Journal: Obama leads McCain by eight, 51% to 43%. This tidbit struck me as interesting: "Voters are just as likely to identify with Sen. Obama's background and values as they are with Sen. McCain's, with the Democrat having made up substantial ground in this regard."

  2. National poll of smart businessmen who drive this economy and meet weekly payrolls:

    Obama 2%
    McCain 98%
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  8. Quinnipiac: Obama Ahead in Big Three
    The final Quinnipiac polls of the largest three swing states give Barack Obama stable leads of various margins: Obama ahead by two points in Florida, 47%-45%, unchanged from a week ago; Obama ahead by seven points in Ohio, 50%-43, compared to a 51%-42% lead a week ago; and Obama up by ten points in Pennsylvania, 52%-42%, compared to a 53%-41% lead a week ago. The poll of Florida has a ±2.3% margin of error, and the polls of Ohio and Pennsylvania have a ±2.5% margin of error.

    PPP Also Shows Obama Ahead In Big Three
    The new state polls from Public Policy Polling also paint a cautiously optimistic picture for Obama in the Big Three: Obama ahead by two points in Florida, 50%-48%, compared to a 48%-47% Obama edge two weeks ago; Obama ahead two points in Ohio, 50%-48%, compared to a 51%-44% Obama lead a week and a half ago; and Obama up by eight points in Pennsylvania, 53%-45%, with no prior PPP survey for comparison. The margins of error are ±2.4% in Florida, ±2.8% in Ohio, and ±2.5%.
  9. But the vast majority of Americans are hard working, working and will they vote for Obama Osama? No These polls are nonsense.
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