POLL: repercussions of US occupation of Iraq

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  1. This is too serious a subject to make jokes Optional.

    There is no other option other than to stand united behind your government at this time.

    The dickheads at the U.N. dont' seem to have grasped that idea i.e. that a bit of posturing may have the effect that it may cause Saddam to put on his running shoes and thus avoid shedding blood.

    If there is indeed American blood spilt in a fight, the blood is on the hands of the German and the French leaders who are prepared to prostitute the security of the world for the sake of a bit of money making in the oil business.

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  2. If you read what I have said about the situation in previous posts, you perhaps can understand my position.

    The ability to make jokes about ourselves and our situation, is indeed one of America's greatest strengths, one we inherited from the Brits.

    Whether or not I stand united behind our government is a personal matter. I didn't wave a flag like so many of the weekend patriots we saw post 911, who so mysteriously have vanished from the scene the moment the going gets tough.

    My desire for the U.S. to do the right thing has never changed.
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  3. exactamente, darkhorse!

    for all the tears that will be shed by the bleeding hearts war-is-never-a-good-idea camp, the end is result is most likely to be that iraqi citizens actually end up improving the quality of their lives.

    US in Iraq is doing iraq a favor! suck on that libs! :D
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  4. rs7


    All time FUNNIEST thing I have read on ET!!!!!!

    Award winning!!!

    :) :) :) :) :)

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  5. Josh_B


    heh...or it could be some time before any serious occupation takes place...

    U.S. Weighs Tactical Nuclear Strike on Iraq

    ...The reported yield of B-61 devices in U.S. inventory varies from less than 1 kiloton of TNT to more than 350. The Hiroshima bomb was 20 kilotons.

    Discussion of new weapons has set off a heated argument among experts on the value and effects of smaller-yield nuclear weapons...

    But some independent physicists have argued that such a device would barely penetrate the surface while blowing out huge amounts of radioactive dirt that would pollute the region around it with a deadly fallout.


    daniel_m, just a question, not a personal attack:

    Why do you assume that anyone who opposes war on Iraq is a lib? There are reps btween us who oppose that part of the foreign policy only, as well many dems that are for it.

    I just hope it doesn't get to usage of nukes.. maybe it's some additional muscle flexing to persuade SH out.

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  6. Oh, yes Josh, you reek of right wing rhetoric.
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  7. Vwhat, youze thingk we got out humor from the Jews? Hoy Vey.
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  8. rs7


    No.....while Larry David, and many others have contributed some fine humor lately, the really funny stuff, (along with the finest cuisine) comes from the Brits.

    Mmmmmmmmm shepherd's pie with a side of boiled mutton, and warm beer! A Homer Simpson dream meal.

    Of course, America being a social melting pot owes some of it's humor to the Germans as well. Give me a few years, and I will come back with an example.

    The mechanics are German
    The lovers Italian
    The cooks French
    The police English
    The Swiss keep it all organized.

    The police are German
    The cooks English
    The lovers Swiss
    The mechanics Italian
    And the French keep it all organized.

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    The name of this thread should be changed...too similar to the other "repercussions" thread. Dark, what were you thinking? (Devious? or Careless?)

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  10. Don't see any mention of Americans on the Heaven and Hell list.

    Guess that means we are stuck in Purgatory....
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