Poll: Programming skills helpful to trading ?

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    Hi, I was just curious to see how many traders think that having/learning some programming skills have improved their trading?

    Please respond with a number between 1-10 based on the following parameters......

    1 - "No makes no difference in my trading success"


    10 - "Absolutely, learning some programming has had an positive $ impact on my trading"

    if you have some comments please include that as well.

  2. Forgot to mention, I was a c++ programmer for many years at a major Swiss Banking/Trading firm in the Northeast.

    I ask the fundamentalist what he thinks then I make the techie decide when to take the trade. In all honesty, my opinion is you don't really need the fundamentals when you understand the mathematics and science of price movements and trends and can program those rules into trading systems.

    (1) For discretionary trading using intuition and TA, IT"S WORTHLESS.
    Best to have a PSYCHOLOGY degree vs. a COMP SCI degree.
  4. Question:

    "Hi, I was just curious to see how many traders think that having/learning some programming skills have improved their trading?"


    One would assume if your using programming your utilizing sytems trading.

    If your trading on Intuition and discretion, then your answer would I assume be no.
  5. and on that note, yes most of the TA implemented is worthless.
    I would hire a mathematician or com sci guy any day over a psych guy to trade my money or work for me.

    If you think, you stink.
  6. System allows for no intellectual capability. The intellectual goes into the R&D used to develop the system. Intellectuals have egos, think, and feel they can beat the market. All detrimental to achieving success as a trader. It's the system that wins, not you.
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    There are probably a half dozen solid approaches to "skinning the market's cat".

    Some would not benefit from any form of programming knowledge or ability.
  8. Once heard from a wise man:
    "takes a few weeks to learn, but a LIFE TIME to master".
    Applies to poker....applies to trading.

    Hey Stevie Cohen, "you trading strictly using indicators" ?
    NO WAY.

    Hey Eddie Lampert, "you make that Kmart bet using stochastics" ?
    NO WAY. (Big joke...lots of laughter)

    Hey Rickey Cheung, "you come back to net positive from being down over 1 million using ONLY your carefully constructed systems" ?
    NO WAY.

    If you can program human intuition, fact-gathering, and knowledge acquisition into a software program,
    then do it, and go bet the house.
  9. "Fact gathering and knowledge acquisition"

    There is no intelligence in "Fact gathering and knowledge acquisition" that these guys use, mayble blackmale, knuckle breaking and inside info. I could do the same if I had the power and pull these guys have.

    Steve Cohen : Hi, we throw a lot of business your way, so what's the inside deal today. Other End: Blue Raven Loves Kmart.
    Steve Cohen: Thanks.

    Intuition, yeah right. Better off in Vegas.
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