POLL: Pay up to stop all of the arguing?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by JPB, Mar 5, 2002.

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  1. JPB


    How many of us would pay to use this site and not put Baron in the place of being loyal to advertisers? What would it take, Baron? If we kept 1000 quality members (out of 9790) @ $10 or so a month? TraderX should be good for $200, all by himselves. I have to say, though, I would want Def allowed back. I (and others) would be paying Baron partly for an IB support site.

  2. ktm


    I'd pay a little bit, under $20 maybe. I'd save that in typical dealings with IB support. I would also be willing to pay for Def's membership.
  3. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    When most people consider how cheap IB is they often don't take into account the many, many tradeoffs.....some of them being incredibly lousy tech support and horrendous phone service. Now it seems IB users are suggesting we should start making Elite Trader a paid subscription service so that they can continue to get "free" tech support from Def, and not have to deal directly with IB? :eek:
  4. Maybe Baron could bill people $0.10 a post, or something like that. So people could still read all they want for free, and posters would pay for it.
  5. I can see it now-

    "You know, I pay $20/month to use ET, so why did you delete my post? HUH???"
  6. Yannis


    The few advertisements posted here never bothered me - they actually brigthen the board up a bit, imo.

    It has been said that some posts are very "informative", essentially in lieu of advertisements - but they really don't bother me either. I have actually benefited from some of them. The key is to be able to skip over some things fast.

    I therefore would not support such a change :)
  7. JTM that may mean something when you have 22 posts but the active members like Don, me and Magna would have to shell out a lot more.

    Personally I understand where Baron is coming from and would like him to keep things as they are now.

    The poll will also be off as some who say they will pay won't follow through as success rates of perfect sales never equal 100%. How many times have you said ok I will pay for this only never to return??

  8. GeeTO69


    Maybe we should.... all grow up, get a life, quit bellyaching over every little thing we don't like, stop the melodrama and quit making mountains out of mole hills.

    Maybe we should... enjoy ET as it is, accept the small injustices that life and ET throw at us from time to time, make lemonade out of the lemons, remember the huge benefits ET provides, stop waving the flag and playing the Star Spangled Banner every time baron makes a tough decision we don't like, and KEEP ET FREE!!

    Why don't we do that?


    Why not! :mad:
  9. Yes, paying is a good idea. Posting should be free, because the posters' contribution is what makes this board so good, so we shouldn't create a disincentive to contribute to the quality of this forum.

    I am in favor of memberships. to pay to read/post. Memberships not only would eliminate/reduce the influence of advertisers, it also would discourage people who are not serious about trading from coming here. Anybody remember "little nicky" or the chinese scammer?

    $5/$10 a month for individuals would be fair, i think. Also there should be a difference between "individual" and "professional" memberships.

    def, don bright etc etc should pay at least $1000 a month to do customer service/ marketing here. Anybody selling something or doing incessant posting promoting whatever should pay the "professional" membership. That way the vendors would post whatever they want. Moderators would decide who pays the professional and the individual membership.
  10. GeeTO69


    Buzzy, you are crazy. You are trying to fix something that isn't broke.
    #10     Mar 5, 2002
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