Poll on scalping broker (platform)?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by kowboy, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. kowboy


    I would like to start a popularity poll on which deep discount retail direct access broker, ET members use for a scalping- broker and (execution platform). Providing the poll respondents are full time scalpers and make over at least $50k per year scalping.

    Thanks a lot for responding. You comments indicating what broker you use for pure scalp plays would be appreciated.

    Here is a partial list of brokers (execution platform)

    IB (TWS) stand alone
    IB (TWS) with alternative user interface
    ETG (Protrader GR8)
    MB Trading (Navigator)
    Pointdirex (Platinum) now Xoomtrade
    Assent (hammer)
    Blackwood (Radical)
    Blackwood (Redwood Pro)

    I have not listed Echo, or Generic as I believe they are prop shops only.

    Thanks to all who respond
  2. kowboy


    that is.... scalping stocks
  3. Moohead


    I don't know about you, I have accounts in E-Trade, Brown and Merrill. Platform?? I use your regular $9.95 dial up internet or Ma Bell calling plan etc. As for commission, E-Trade charge $20, Brown about $5 and Merrill around $30ish etc for one entry.
  4. kowboy


    I don't believe Merrill or E-trade would qualify for the type of broker I am asking about, and don't believe they are direct access.

    By "platform," I do not mean trading on a web page. I mean the proprietary or non proprietary software program which the customer downloads to his computer that interconnects directly with his broker.

    For example with ETG, the software platform is called "GR8" and with Assent they use a software platform called "hammer"
  5. Moohead


    Please tell me why these softwares are necessary?? I trade a lot, nowdays the spread is so thin that the bid/ask usually is only one penny different. I think the important thing is to buy at the low point of the day and sell at the profit. All these brokers give me good execution, the moment I click my mouse the moment I made a trade. The trick is to catch the right moment of the day for the best price, then you have a profitable trade. I only trade stock, no e-mini, commodity, option etc.
  6. These brokers(and others)sell order flow which effects speed, fill, and slippage. Not as important to a swing trader, if that is what you do, but important to a scalper/day trader.

    (Kowboy, any reason you didn't set up a poll at the top of the page?)
  7. kowboy


    I wanted to get as much input for the various brokers before I did the actual poll, bc I may not know all of the ones that would be good for scalping
  8. lundy


    Das Trader

    The shop I trade at just started offering it and I find it is a nice platform.
  9. kowboy


    I looked at DAS Trader this evening and on the surface it looks like a good possibility. But they only listed one retail partner who is Questrade and their ticket charges are $9.95. A little too rich for me but I would like to list them as a possibility.
  10. lundy


    hmmmm, Greentree isn't charging a ticket charge... I think it's different if you go through a professional firm as opposed to a discount brokerage.
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