POLL: On average, which ET group is more intellectually dishonest? Atheist or theist?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Thunderdog, Apr 14, 2009.

On average, which ET group is more intellectually dishonest?

  1. Atheist

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  2. Theist

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  1. Simple question.
  2. a theist has to be intellectually dishonest as a matter of survival. they have to find a way to believe in spite of the evidence not because of it.
  3. Since no atheist has come forth to speak about their childhood wounding and the resentments they hold accordingly, and since atheist who preach rational thought are frequently found to be very emotionally charge when theists present their views...

    There is a cognitive dissonance issue going on with the atheists.

    Do they know they are being intellectually dishonest when they pretend to be a creature of senses, intellect, and reason alone?

    When they claim to know the theist is wrong, even they don't know if God exists or not, is that not an illogical position to take?

    When they treat every theist as if they were a Christian and a Bible reading theist, even when the theist may be a deist or practicing an independent thought process, or some other belief that has nothing to do with Christianity or Judeo Christian faith...is that rational?

    When the atheist blames God for the acts of human beings, i.e. attacking what is human, namely what was produced by humans, why do they assume this means there is no God?

    Since it possible that God exists and can't be ruled out, yet we find that the majority of the people following the major religions are like Americans who blindly follow the Constitution when they don't actually know what it means, or have access to the men who wrote it to get clarification on some of the issues?

    Why don't we ever find the atheist questioning the deeper aspects of life, which philosophers have and continue to examine?

    Why do they say they accept only that which can be verified by scientific measurement, when their very own thoughts are beyond the ability of science to measure?

    Why do they accept that something can come from nothing, just like magic?

    Why do they rely so much on a scientist to explain their beliefs, in the same way that many theists can't really explain their own beliefs and refer those who have questions to a leader of their church?

    Why do atheists have such a closed mind?

    Where is the true scientist who can say with authority, "I have found that there is no God." Because a true scientist could never say that...
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  10. You are what you live and how you conduct yourself. That is an observation without labels.
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