Poll: Obama Struggling With Whites; Even Black Voters Slip

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  2. Wont happen
  3. Hopefully democrats kick him out before he does any more damage to the democrats name with his republican policies
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    Rubio from Florida would be a great pick for the V.P.

  5. They would lose the votes of more racist whites then they would gain from Hispanics

    Also Rubio is Cuban and the majority of Hispanics are Mexican and Puerto Rican who see him as a sell out
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    GOP will select Susana Martinez, who is the conservative Governor of New Mexico. She would be an absolute brilliant choice. She'll really help capture the Hispanic vote all along the west coast. There is no better selection for the GOP ticket than her, and it would put Oduma and the Demo'craps' into absolute panic mode!!!
    In addition, the Demo'craps' will have a hard time explaining to Hispanic voters why they couldn't pass any sort of immigration reform when they had a filibuster proof, supermajority in Congress for nearly two years. :D

  7. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/...-Pundit,-Rep-Lamar-Smith,-Strikes-(Out)-Again

    Rep. Smith frequently cites the gubernatorial victories of Susana Martinez (NM) and Brian Sandoval (NV), both Latino, as examples that Republicans don’t have to change their hard line position on immigration in order to do well with Latinos. But the facts tell a different story, as we’ll further explain in a report we’re releasing on Monday, April 4th, entitled “Latino Candidates Not Enough to Win Latino Vote Voters Want Change in Immigration Policy, Not Last Names.” Neither Martinez nor Sandoval even came close to winning a majority of the Latino vote. In fact, as noted above, Sandoval, only got 15% of the Latino vote in Nevada -- and did worse among Latinos than his Republican predecessor in 2006. In New Mexico, Gov. Susana Martinez lost the Latino Vote by a margin of 38% to 61% against Diane Denish. According to polling by Latino Decisions, voters were turned off by their hard-line positions on immigration issues. These two races are clear examples of the fact that Latino voters care far more about a candidate’s position on the issues than their ethnic heritage.
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    you are talking out of your ass, sir. dont proclaim to know what puerto ricans, mexicans etc, think or will do.
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    ROFLMAO!!!!! Just wait and see. The GOP will definitely get the Hispanic vote this time around. Demo'craps' has nearly two years to pass an immigration reform bill while having a filibuster proof, supermajority in Congress, but failed to do anything. (I see you refuse to acknowledge this at all). This is a point the GOP will drive home very hard, and with the addition of Martinez, they will easily take the majority vote of Latino's. Can't wait for the Donald Trump/Susana Martinez ticket!!! They will easily destroy the Demo'craps'!!!!! :D

  10. http://pewhispanic.org/reports/report.php?ReportID=130

    by Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director, Pew Hispanic Center
    Report Materials

    Download PDF Complete Report

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    Updated December 30, 2010 to reflect updated exit poll results. For details, see page iii of the report.

    Tuesday's midterm elections were historic for Hispanics. For the first time ever, three Latino candidates—all of them Republicans—won top statewide offices. In New Mexico, voters elected the nation's first Latina governor, Republican Susana Martinez. In Nevada, Republican Brian Sandoval won the governor's race and became Nevada's first Hispanic governor. And in Florida, Republican Marco Rubio won the U.S. Senate race.

    Despite these big top-of-the-ticket wins for Republican Hispanic candidates, Democratic candidates won the Latino vote, usually by wide margins.

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