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  1. Hello,

    i was just interested, so I kindly ask you to vote in the above
    poll: Given that there will be at least *some* liquidity in SSFs,
    will you continue to trade NYSE or will you utilize the SSF,
    which has of couse some adantages (down tick, margin).

  2. Liquidity should be good, as many of the under-25k crowd will provide it.
  3. I might be wrong (I'm an under-25k) but SSF contracts will charge about min $5/contract. So for 1000 shares equivalent, that's $50 for the contracts alone and then the roundtrip commission. (A day trade will be about $150 RT)

    No, I will trade stocks for about $20 RT comm.
  4. you are wrong. IB --> $1/contract
  5. That makes it the same cost as trading 100 shares of the underlying security, commission-wise.

    Gotta love IB.
  6. Yes, $1/contract on IB;

    Well, I guess I'll be adding liquidity; SSF will be the solution to my problem-pattern daytrading rule for under 25k traders.

    Q: how does IB offer such low commission compared to other brokers? I might sign up with them
  7. stocks: 1c/share up to 500 shares; 1/2c /share thereafter
    e-futures: 2.40/contract
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    That's like asking why the market goes up or down. Frankly, it doesn't matter, just follow along and make the most of it.