Poll: Next Week's Option Ex

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Which way into Expiration

Poll closed Jul 18, 2007.
  1. Call Sellers are Screwed: Up 1-2%

    17 vote(s)
  2. A Sudden Crash Next Week

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  3. We Chop and SPX closes next week at 1550

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  1. Your thoughts are wanted.
  2. Any opinions?
  3. I voted but have three questions for you: @ what price level do you see the vast majority of options players getting wiped out and will you counter trade when the puts and calls are shorted back into line to prevent futures break out?

    Do you exploit the Tuesday after options expiration for a free ride?

  4. 50.00 in QQQQ and in this zone above 1550 in SPX are certainly prices call sellers would have preferred to never see.

    There's 134,000 July 1600 calls open.
  5. S2007S


    50+ on QQQQ monday midday.....

    There is no stopping this bull. 14k could come as early as 10am tomorrow morning. Every article I have read suggests that this market has plenty of power to push up even higher. Earnings will drive this market higher all week, not only that but bernanke is speaking and he only lifts markets....
  6. MY short calls are so close to the money this is a no brainer....we will be screwed:mad:
  7. 90% of the time it's an up week, how ever the last two weeks we have been up quite alot, so this may be interesting.
  8. Historically, OpEx has a positive drift, but it's nowhere near 90%. IIRC, it's approx 60% you nitwit.
  9. my short er2 calls for july are 895 (er2 trading @ 859 ish). i do have some longs below my shorts that i bought recently on weakness.

    the last time i was this loaded up on short calls (very little short puts); it was the end of feb/march. a very good time for me......maybe history will do it again!
  10. You're looking good. :)
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