Poll: Nancy Pelosi: "Deficit reduction has been a high priority for us"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Jan 6, 2011.

Is Nancy Pelosi.....

  1. A) The most brazen liar in history

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  2. B) Deluisonal

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  1. Hello


    Who is she kidding? She presided over the most wreckless congress in history, 5 trillion dollars added to the debt in 4 years under her watch, and the deficit basically quintupled under her watch, at this point given all the other things she has said i am going to have to say she must be delusional, the fact that the people of San Francisco elect this lunatic over and over shows how stupid they are as well, they deserve to be bankrupt. I cant even believe this woman could possibly have the audacity to look into a camera and say something like that to people unless she is completely delusional.

    Edit: Misspelled delusional in the poll options if a mod happens sees this can you please fix it, thx.

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  2. 377OHMS


    All this talk about bring her back in 2012 and her being elected minority leader is all incredibly good for the republicans.

    The dems fail to understand the depth to which this woman is hated in middle-America.
  3. Hello


    I agree, i can see the 2012 ads already, "When Nancy Pelosi controlled congress..." The republicans are going to have a field day with her.

    I dont understand how this woman has so much pull in the democratic party. I might be able to understand if she was actually a somewhat intelligent, and well spoken politician, but she is a total moron. Frankly i find it unbelievable that they would vote her back in, hell last election there were even people in the democratic party running attack ads to distance themselves from her. They must be keeping her on as a flak jacket or something to absorb the blow from right wing media and take the attention off them.. It is incredibly selfish on her part to actually push for the position. If she really cared about her cause she would realise it is time to step aside, its not like another democrat is not going to be elected in San Francisco, but i think for her it is all a big power trip.
  4. Lucrum


    I wanted to vote "A" and "B".
  5. 377OHMS


    Yeah, I thought B meant she was like Dom Deluise. :D
  6. Hello


    I should have put an option for both, as I agree with you, that she is both, I also should have made an option "she is my hero" so that people like Omegapoint, and Range Rover would have a place to vote.
  7. Lucrum


  8. Hello


    The cartoon would have been more accurate if it depicted boehner brushing a pile of shit off the constitution, since politicians have been shitting all over it for decades, though in fairness im pretty sure that boehner will simply continue the trend.
  9. 377OHMS


    Part of the Liberal Talking Points for this week seems to be to attack those who love the U.S. Constitution.

    The memo seemed to trickle down all the way to Joy Behar who said that "maybe this Constitution-loving is getting out of hand!".

    When I was younger the Democrats were just the "other party" who occasionally won office and seemed to try to run the country to benefit the people just as the republicans did.

    These days the Dems are starting to be perceived as the party that wants literally to destroy the United States by bankrupting the system and instituting socialism. They don't seem at all ashamed of that platform either. Its astonishing.
  10. Hello


    Yeah i saw someone yesterday on MSNBC who was crying about how big of a waste of time, it was, perhaps if some of the politicians from the past would have paid more attention we wouldnt be in the mess we are in to begin with.

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