POLL: Mr Market

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, May 14, 2003.

  1. Vote for your feelings on Mr Market....
  2. mrmarket

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    I laughed
    until you called me a liar. I'm outta here.

  3. Magna

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    Another day, another half-dozen (?) Candle polls. :( :( Remember, Brother, trade with quality, good trades, and post QUALITY , GOOD polls....
  4. What are you talking about???? Mr. Market is a hot topic and the talk of wall street....did you hear about the merger!!!:confused:
  5. Magna

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    Heard about both the merger and the un-merger, haven't stopped laughing yet... :) :p :D
  6. Yup, gotta agree with ya on this... Mr Market leaves others standing... he's amazing...
  7. Hehe, me too... :D