[POLL] Momentum MID EDGE

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rajesheck, Feb 25, 2017.

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  1. rajesheck


    This day trading EDGE works better within reasonable time & volatility, which we call as momentum.

    Note : In spikes scenario, bigger the time frame better the edge will be, if trader wish to trade the spike scenario too.

    Am I revealing your secret EDGE ? :D

    Hope this strategy may save a couple of researching years for beginners.

    (For case study' on momentum time & volatility setting see : Momentum Breakout EDGE )

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  2. rajesheck


    Trend vs side

    We need to understand that price either trends or moves sideways(no trend). Momentum trading means trading with the moment that ensure to be with the trend and avoid get trapped inside a sideways movement.

    So give top priority to momentum as a good trend trader. Work out your time vs volatility(momentum) proportions and become professional trend trader. :)
  3. I try to read most threads on here.

    I'm lost in this one.
  4. rajesheck


    If you are specific in your questions then people can help you. :)
  5. Handle123


    I think top chart poor example, this should be chart of when not to take a long, looks like something Joe Ross would post.
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  6. rajesheck


    Do you mean to say it suits shorting?
  7. rajesheck


    Each traders is unique. Sometimes extremely unique and vote for the extremes. :D