[POLL] Market Timing/Top/Bottom Calling/Cheerleading/Crash Prediction Threads...

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderMojo, May 6, 2007.

Should the daily Market Timing/Top/Bottom Calling threads be put in a separate forum?

  1. Yes please! They get in the way of other useful threads in the Trading forum.

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  2. No thanks. I like seeing these threads in the Trading Forum at the top of ET.

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  3. No thanks. There are already too many separate forum sections on ET.

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  4. I don't really care.

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  1. Crazy idea:

    Is there justification for having a separate forum for the daily prediction threads that are pervasive in the Trading forum?

    There seems to be essentially two groups of people:

    1) Those that like to post their predictions on a daily basis for ego-stroking or other reasons. These people are indirectly supported by others who then perpetuate the thread by:

    i) Offering their sage advice about "just trade what you see", "don't predict".
    ii) Citing a long list of fundamental reasons why the top/bottom is in.
    iii) Citing a long list of technical reasons why the top/bottom is in.
    iv) Repetitively voicing their mantra such as "100% up room to go" or "100% risk-free dip-buying"
    v) Detailing their theories on the great mysterious "them" who control the market and why the market is today going up/down because of "them".
    vi) Posting meaningless statistics such as how many up days in the last period there has been despite the fact that everyone already knows this.
    vii) Posting dates/times of when news/numbers is coming out despite this information being freely available to anyone that is interested in it.
    viii) Posting the current levels of the indexes when this information is on the screen of anyone that would be vaguely interested in the first place.

    Then there is the second group of people:

    2) Those that cringe at the sight of these threads and find them repetitive, boring and feel they reflect poorly on ET. They believe these threads don't generally lead to any intelligent discussion and usually deteriorate into name-calling or ego battles etc.

    I'm interested to gauge ETs opinion on this matter.

    I personally find these threads quite amusing on occasion but wouldn't mind if they were perhaps tucked away in their own little place where the same dozen or so ET personalities can have their daily ground-hog day discourse.

    The practicalities of having yet another forum section may make this idea prohibitive though and people can just ignore the threads if it really bothers them.

    Flame on.
  2. Not much of a sample but seems to be split between people who don't care and those that would rather not see these threads.

    At least one person likes to see these threads.

    Perhaps I should have added a further poll option:

    - No, thank you. I like seeing these threads because I base my trading decisions on them (this poll is anonymous isn't it?)

    Thank you to those that participated. I don't know if there is any information here that Baron would deem fit to act on.