POLL: Market Close Tomorrow ??? (responses up until 1 hour into trading)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DisciplinedHedg, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Whats your guys' takes on tomorrows trading day?

    Its a 99.9% given that the market will get schmeissed tomorrow opening.

    But whats your take on the closing?

    Would like to see traders' opinions up until 1 hour into the day tomorrow. Before the market open preferably but its already pretty late.
  2. This looks ugly.

    I think we'll have a very harsh day tomorrow, but stocks are already pretty low, so I see a bounce before the end of the week.
  3. DT-waw


    Like I said earlier, today we will hit a bottom at 9:48:24 AM Since then - Bulls, green light! :D :D
    Today's close on NQ will be.... hmmmm 1011,50 ! My neural nets predict it. LOL
  4. lol i'll even go on the record and say my vote was for, "Market will close higher, and reverse into positive territory."

    disclaimer: i don't really care to make predictions, but this one is just for fun. :)
  5. The futures are looking uglier and uglier.

    Asian markets are 3-5% lower.

    Japan continued lower the whole day with no respite.

    European markets just the same.

    The US is going to get schmeissed with headlines about worldcon.

    I dunno who is worse, terrorists or these crooks, stick them all in the same jail cell, and put the key on a plane and fly it into that jail cell.
  6. Vishnu


    since nobody is posting any actually numbers and it is 3 in the morning, i have nothing to lose by being specific:

    Dow close: 8800
    Nasdaq close: 1390
    S&P close: 950

    I don't think there will be any great rallies tomorrow. I think the massive short covering rallies have already occurred. I also think by the end of the day people will be proclaiming the end of the world. Which might finally mean there is some sort of capitulation happening. Ultimately, despite the horrible affect on confidence in corporate America, the WCOM thing should not have anything to do with the stock price of most companies. But tomorrow it will.
  7. wild


    just another fan-tas-tic day for Euro (Swiss Franc, British Pound, Japanese Yen) and Bond bulls ... GREEN LIGHT ! ...

    Dax down 250 ... 10 minutes into the trading day (at 9:10 am CET)


  8. DT-waw


    wild. dax futs didn't start yet... 9:16 AM. i have esignal...
    i know -5% on dax index... im glad i had close my long yesterday uuuh!
  9. wild


    i said "Dax" (eSignal symbol AX A0-DT) ... not Dax futures
  10. All this vote/thread is based on a major assumption: That the market is open at all tomorrow. Who will be a buyer in order to open this thing?
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