Poll : Margin

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nobert, Aug 14, 2021.

Do you use margin ?

This poll will close on Nov 14, 2104 at 3:11 AM.
  1. Yes

    18 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. Nobert


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  2. virtusa


    I see many polls that are incomplete. So the results have not much value.
    Questions should be very specific or the potential answers to choose from should be numerous.

    What product is traded is very important to understand the leverage that is used. Some products have traditional high leverages while other have no leverage.

    The risk of leverage is also different depending on the trader.
    If your system has a high expectancy, low drawdowns, high % of winning trades..., a high leverage might be in reality a low risk. While a mediocre system with a lower leverage might be much riskier.

    Creating a good poll is very complex if you want to have correct, optimal, relevant and meaningful results.
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  3. GotherL


    I use to but not anymore. Options don't have margin.

    Come to think about it I wonder why not. It would be nice if you can trade 4x the buyer power where the max loss is limited to the price paid.
  4. virtusa


    The option itself is leverage.
  5. CET


    You can always trade the options on the leveraged ETFs (2X and 3X). These options are probably more expensive comparatively, so make sure there is plenty of liquidity and a narrow spread.
  6. SunTrader


    Next poll do you: "wash behind your ears?"
  7. One guess on my vote.
  8. Nobert


    There was this experiment with 3 jars of gem and 9-13 jars of gem. People were more likely to stop by and taste it & then buy it, when there was only few jars to choose from.

    By providing few options i wanted to keep it simple & avoid analysis paralysis.
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