Poll: Many expect Jesus' return by 2050

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  1. By: Associated Press
    WASHINGTON - For centuries, Christians have proclaimed that Jesus died, Jesus rose from the dead and Jesus will come again.

    A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine in 2010 suggests that future hope remains strong.

    A majority of American Protestants and about one-third of Roman Catholics told the pollsters they believed Jesus would definitely or probably return by the year 2050.

    Pew senior researcher Greg Smith says that belief was strongest in the South and among people with a high school education or less.

    About one-eighth of Americans said they didn't know if Jesus Christ would return by the year 2050 -- placing them in agreement with Jesus's declaration that no one knows the day or the hour when he'll return, except God the Father.

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    I don't think I can wait that long. In that case I'll probably have to go looking for him one of these days. :D
  3. "No one knows the day or the hour, not even the Son. Only the Father knows."

    If anyone predicts the coming of Jesus Christ on earth, that person attempts to stand in the place of the Father in Heaven - a precarious position!
  4. Speaking of Jesus.

    Dow 430,000 in 2050

    "By 2020 (just eight years from now), New Jersey’s investment managers (pension) would require market returns equivalent to the Dow at 43,000 to be adequately funded. By 2030, the system needs a Dow at 93,000, and by 2050, 430,000."
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    That will depend upon how many decades it takes us to get Obama out of office so Bernanke can quit pumping.
  6. Look carefully

  7. They have been doing an astounding job of it so far. I'm astounded every time they do it.

    People are insanely mixed up on prophecy. In the day of Aaron's priesthood they had schools for prophets. Prophets didn't just hop on a soapbox and start giving the Word... Prophets had to give some short term prophecy and it had to come to pass before their long term prophecies would be recorded. See if Matthew 24:15-20 isn't a short term prophecy that would prompt recording the rest of the chapter for posterity...