Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose the Tea party

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  1. Nearly three in 10 Americans say they are supporters of the Tea Party, according to a new survey, while more than half the respondents say they hold negative opinions of the conservative grassroots movement.


    A CBS News Poll released Thursday found 29 percent of those asked considered themselves Tea Party supporters and 54 percent did not. Fully 17 percent had no opinion either way.

    The results are similar to last month's but show more support for the Tea Party than in April of this year, CBS said.

    Not surprisingly, a majority -- 56 percent -- of Tea Party supporters identified as conservative. Of those, 44 percent are Republicans, while 43 percent said they are independents. Not many at all, only 13 percent, called themselves Democrats.

    The survey also asked Tea Party supporters what they think of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has become an icon of the movement. Forty-five percent of Republicans, 41 percent of conservatives and 49 percent of Tea Partiers hold favorable opinions of Palin, according to CBS.

    But among the public overall, Palin doesn't get such positive ratings. Only 23 percent of respondents have a favorable opinion of the former vice presidential candidate, while 40 percent view her unfavorably.

    Read the poll results, including its sampling methods, here.

  2. I'm going to guess that CBS lowered their polling of republicans for this poll just as they did in their latest presidential approval poll, which according to them is 48%.

    Yeah right.
  3. The poll results are no different from earlier ones done by other organizations.

  4. A quarter of the U.S. is Mud People. Another 8% are either Jews or fags. Throw in 2% Muslims and another 5% Asian. That means only 55% of America is straight, non-Jewish whites. Out of that remaining 55% I'd say a third or so are seedy, leftist whites. So that means, under 40% of America is actually worth shit. If Tea Party members are a third of the population, that means 80% of American's who aren't Ignorant Minorities support the movement.
  5. Very insightful :eek:
  6. Lucrum


    I thought so.
  7. Yeah, they made the pie-slice looked bigger for the tea party too. So unfair!
  8. I thought it wasn't about race, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity, what happened?
  9. 29% is huge considering mainstream media is basically against it, no other grassroots movement has grown so quickly.
    Give it another year, and those numbers will be even more impressive.
  10. Multi billion dollar Koch Industries is so grassroots.
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