Poll: Louisianans think Bush did a better job on Katrina than Obama on oil mess

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  1. Tuesday, June 15, 2010
    Fallout from the Spill
    Our new Louisiana poll has a lot of data points to show how unhappy voters in the state are with Barack Obama's handling of the oil spill but one perhaps sums it up better than anything else- a majority of voters there think George W. Bush did a better job with Katrina than Obama's done dealing with the spill.

    50% of voters in the state, even including 31% of Democrats, give Bush higher marks on that question compared to 35% who pick Obama.

    Overall only 32% of Louisianans approve of how Obama has handled the spill to 62% who disapprove. 34% of those polled say they approved of how Bush dealt with Katrina to 58% who disapproved.

    While the poll results indicate a lot of unhappiness with the President, ultimately BP is getting the largest amount of blame from voters in the state. 53% of voters say they're angriest at the oil company to 29% who say their greatest unhappiness is with the federal government. And 78% say BP has the greatest responsibility for cleaning up the spill to only 11% who say that onus lays with the federal government. 44% think BP CEO Tony Hayward should be fired to 29% who think he should not and 26% who are not sure.

    One thing the oil spill has not done is created a spike of opposition to offshore drilling in Louisiana. 77% of voters still support it with only 12% against. Only 31% say the spill has made them less inclined to be in favor of drilling while 42% say it hasn't made a difference to them and 28% say they're now stronger in their support.

    If there's any 'winner' in this unfortunate event it's Governor Bobby Jindal. 63% of voters approve of the job he's doing, the best PPP has found for any Senator or Governor so far in 2010. There's an even higher level of support, at 65%, for how he's handled the aftermath of the spill.

    Full results here

  2. Louisiana went to Bush twice and then Mccain,no surprise there.Even after their coast is wreaked they're still fighting for more drilling.It's part of the red racist south,one day they will wake the fuck up
  3. Makes me wonder whether Obama is dragging his feet intentionally.... so that the effects of the oil rupture are greater. Would he do that to reinforce his Cap 'n Tax agenda? No doubt in my mind.
  4. Only a democrat would inject race into an environmental disaster.
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  6. Perhaps you're measuring him by your own yardstick.
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    "The climate bill isn't going to stop the oil leak," ... "The first thing you have to do is stop the oil leak. That's what this is all about right now."
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    racist post - is a nice way to put it.