Poll: Long, Short, or Even

Discussion in 'Trading' started by deadreader, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Are you getting long, going shorting, or just getting even?

    PS --- Last weekend when I asked whether the market topped on Friday (August 22), 60% responded that they were shorting while 40% responded that they were buying.
  2. Topping this all weekend long
  3. IN2WIN


    I had to pick "Being bullish/bearish is for suckers, I just trade".

    But I don't necessarily believe having a point of view is bad - it is just counterproductive to my method to have any bias - I "just trade".

    I think a better choice would have been "No opinions, I just trade"
  4. Topping through monday night
  5. Need all those 4 AM EST votes
  6. Topping through monday night
  7. dis


    Topping my foot. As they say, never short a dull market.
  8. 46 votes, not bad: need more
  9. 1 per hour
  10. About 50% of us here are choosing "bullish/bearish is for suckers," which means that those actually chosing the other options probably mean what they say....

    hoping to get 100 votes before the market opens Tuesday....
    #10     Aug 31, 2003