Poll: Just how badly are you getting treated at work...

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Are you (or someone you know) getting treated better or worse at work then in 2007?

  1. Treated much better then 2007

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  2. Treated a little better then 2007

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  3. No difference

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  4. Treated worse then 2007

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  5. Treated a lot worse then 2007

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  1. I know a lot of people who state matter of factly they are getting treated MUCH WORSE then in 2007. People I know who are interviewing for different companies report of getting hazed almost like a pledge with scowls and rude personalities unlike 2007.

    So I ask this question...how badly are either you getting treated at work or how badly is someone you know getting treated at work or during an interview versus in 2007...

    I have added an anonymous poll, please be honest in the poll. Thanks.

    (I accidentally authored the other thread and forgot the anonymous poll. This thread has the right poll.)
  2. maxpi


    WIN = Work is Nonprofit

    people shouldn't do nonprofit stuff if they can help it...
  3. For the majority of people, work is non-profit. There are in fact a few people at these workplaces who make good money and seem to skate through it well enough.

    Believe it or not, I regard UPS drivers as the ones who seem to have one of the better deals out there. They run around all day exercising getting paid 74 grand a year and do a job that is essentially brainless. They dont have any worries except to navigate a truck, deliver some packages and not piss anyone off in the process. Eventually, they will retire having social security and retirement benefits. They also have opportunities to move into the office and eventually make six figures if they so pleased.

    UPS is the model company where everyone makes good money for what they do. Making 74 grand a year to drive a truck and drop off packages seems to be good money to me...

    If every company out there was like UPS then we would have no complaints. Getting hired as a UPS driver is like getting into Harvard though. Very few people are selected out of thousands of candidates and then the ones who are hired have to go through a six week "boot camp" where eventually 30% drop out and then an extensive probation period where even more drop out...respect your UPS driver...
  4. In my experience, most workplaces just try to fill the desks with the lowest bidder...the type of guys that work for a few hundred more then what unemployment will pay. This is not like the 1990s where everyone received generous raises and bonuses.

    There is the Goldman Sachs class that receives record bonuses and the sky is the limit perks, but for the vast majority its the fill the desk for the lowest price type atmosphere.

    I see a lot of guys out there in sour moods nowadays as a result of their workplace...
  5. This is not really true. Some managers are willing to risk losing good employees because they believe talent is abundant. Being an employee in the US is stupid, but it's a short-term survival strategy. It does not make sense in the long term at all.
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    "Being an employee in the US is stupid, but it's a short-term survival strategy. It does not make sense in the long term at all."

    not everyone can be in business for themselves. to say it does not make sense in the long term at all borders on the ridiculous. most people would be best off working for the government.
    government pay is good pay with little responsibility. on top of the list is teachers in big US cities or police in the suburbs.
  7. There are winners and there are losers, and as far as I am concerned, employees end up as the losers. I didn't say everyone was going to win, and furthermore, more government causes everyone to lose.
  8. In the USA, you have few winners and 99% losers,

    In Europe, you have no winners and no losers. No which do you prefer :p
  9. My experience is that people are mainly out for themselves. The employees are out for themselves...the employers are out for themselves.

    People may seem friendly to each other...they may smile and chat it up...however, the truth is that each person is out for their own well being. You will find very few times where either side makes a life sacrifice. The employer does not really "care" about the employee and the employee does not really "care" about the employer.

    It serves no purpose for a person to go above and beyond in the job world unless there is some type of bonus waiting or their hard effort makes a difference in them being employed tomorrow.

    If I were to make a life sacrifice for some company then there better be substantial compensation at the end of the rainbow. A few kind words is not enough to motivate me to change my life.
  10. Yeah, this is how I see it. But also, I think the workplace in America is semi-socialist. We're all competing on the market as companies, but then we get fixed rewards within the organization? The incentive structure gets thrown out the window once you are in the door.

    I absolutely hate these fixed-incentive structure type jobs. Commissions with high payout or something more variable is a better way to play; all I need the employer for is the health insurance as a baseline.
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