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  1. What's the best part about Jennifer Lopez, her ass or her mammary glands?
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    Every time I don't think you can possibly sink any lower with your insipid polls, you plumb new depths. The phrase "far too much time on your hands" comes to mind. Hmmm, maybe we should bring back Katrina Johns for your amusement and diversion, pronto.... :eek:
  3. Hehe... thanks for that Magna!

    Katrina was a hot bitch... till I worked out she was a man :(

    FPC duped me!!
  4. Mammary glands are still in the lead!
  5. Magna

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    FPC duped lots of people... on lots of different things... and still does from time to time. He's a nutty guy and, I'm certain, one of your favorite Pussy Brethrens. :)
  6. He sure is... I gotta say, I love Pussy so much, I just can't stop thinking about Pussy...
  7. Every time I think of you I touch myself ... laa laaa laaaa

    Waiting for tonight .. ohhh ohhh ...
  8. Why does Magna have a little asterisk next to his "moderator" title?
  9. Interesting observation, Brother Aphie...
  10. Why only two choices? I pick the 3rd, and I know.
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