POLL: Israel is America's best friend

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Israel and USA

  1. Israel is America's best friend

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  2. Israel is America's second best friend, after the UK

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  1. Please vote
  2. Israel is America's sewer in Mideast..
  3. Israel is the only thing holding Gods wrath from the USA. So yeah...Israel is our best friend.
  4. Shut up muzzie lover.
  5. America's support of Israel is correct according to the Bible.

    Israel is the Land of God's Chosen People, so the USA must attack those who wish Israel harm.

    Iran and Syria are two devil nations which threaten Israel.

    Also, Iran recently tried Islamoterror on US soil. Iran should therefore be nuked ASAP.

    God bless Israel and all Jews.
  6. The poll reads well.

    The majority say Israel is the USA's best friend. The minority say that Israel is at least the USA's second best friend.

    The time for the USA to attack Iran is NOW.
  7. Israel is using the USA like a crack-whore uses her john.
  8. Now, now?? Can't you wait tell I finish my breakfast?
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

  10. rew


    The Lavon affair.
    The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.
    The Pollard spy case.
    The 911 Dancing Israelis.

    With an ally like that, who needs enemies?
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