Poll: Israel, Iran, U.S. have most negative image

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  1. The real Axis of Evil? :confused:


    Poll: Israel, Iran, U.S. have most negative image
    Attitudes toward Canada, Japan were best in survey of 12 major nations

    updated 11:05 a.m. ET, Tues., March. 6, 2007

    LONDON - Israel, Iran and the United States were the countries with the most negative image in a globe-spanning survey of attitudes toward 12 major nations. Canada and Japan came out best in the poll, released Tuesday.

    The survey for the British Broadcasting Corp.'s World Service asked more than 28,000 people to rate 12 countries — Britain, Canada, China, France, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, North Korea, Russia, the United States and Venezuela — as having a positive or negative influence on the world.

    Israel was viewed negatively by 56 percent of respondents and positively by 17 percent; for Iran, the figures were 54 percent and 18 percent. The United States had the third-highest negative ranking, with 51 percent citing it as a bad influence and 30 percent as a good one. Next was North Korea, which was viewed negatively by 48 percent and positively by 19 percent.


    Canada had the most positive rating in the survey, with 54 percent viewing it positively and 14 percent negatively. It was followed by Japan and France.

    Respondents were also asked their views of the 27-member European Union; 53 percent saw it as positive and 19 percent as negative.

    Correlation with military power
    Britain, China and India were viewed more positively than negatively, while Russia had more negative than positive responses. Opinion on Venezuela was evenly split.

    "It appears that people around the world tend to look negatively on countries whose profile is marked by the pursuit of military power," said Steven Kull, director of the University of Maryland's Program on International Policy Attitudes, which conducted the research along with pollster GlobeScan.

    "Countries that relate to the world primarily through soft power, like France and Japan and the EU in general, tend to be viewed positively," he added.

    Pollsters questioned about 1,000 people in 27 different countries, including the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, India, Brazil, Mexico and Australia; as well as four predominantly Muslim countries: Egypt, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia; and two countries with large Muslim populations: Lebanon and Nigeria.

    The respondents were interviewed in person and over the phone from November to mid-January. The margin of error ranges from 3.1 percent to 4.9 percent, depending on the country.

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  2. I see why now, a terror state using collective punishment on an already battered civillian population:

    UN official says Israel's siege of Gaza breeds extremism and human suffering

    By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem

    11/23/07 "The Independent" -- - A senior United Nations official has issued an unprecedented appeal to British MPs to use their influence to try to alleviate the impact of "indiscriminate" and "illegal" Israeli sanctions in Gaza which display "profound inhumanity" and are "serving the agenda of extremists".

    In one of the strongest attacks on recent Israeli strategy issued by a senior international official, John Ging, Gaza's director of operations for the refugee agency UNRWA, said that "crushing sanctions" imposed since the Israeli cabinet declared the Strip a "hostile entity" in September had contributed to "truly appalling living conditions."

    Mr Ging said the measures had been justified as protection from what he fully acknowledged were rocket attacks "terrorising" the Israeli civilian population within range. The rockets have killed two people this year and injured 99 others. But citing cuts in fuel and planned cuts in electricity along with closures which have had "an atrocious" impact on Palestinian medical care, "destroyed" Gaza's economy and threatened already "Third World" water and sanitation, he told the Britain-Palestine group of MPs: "This presupposes that the civilian population are somehow more capable of stopping the rocket fire than the powerful military of the occupying power.

    "My message ... is that not only are these sanctions not working, but because of their profound inhumanity, they are counterproductive to their stated purpose and while Gaza is not yet an entity populated by people hostile to their neighbour, it inevitably will be if the current approach of collective punitive sanctions continues."

    Mr Ging, whose agency is responsible for 70 per cent of Gaza's 1.5 million population, said that over the past two years "every hopeful opportunity has been irrationally dashed and followed by even worse circumstances". He added that Gaza's civilian population expected more of Israel and the international community, who regularly expressed concern about their humanitarian plight but "to no avail".

    Mr Ging, whose message is reinforced by a letter warning of the "increasingly desperate situation" in Gaza from major aid agencies in today's Independent, said 649 Palestinians had been killed this year, including 63 children. The figure includes more than 330 killed in internal fighting.

    Mr Ging added that UNRWA was unable to provide more than 61 per cent of the necessary calories to refugees. "At present we do not have sufficient funding to provide just one high nutrient biscuit to 200,000 children in UN schools."

    Israeli officials cite signs of a decline in Hamas's popularity as evidence that the sanctions are working. But Mr Ging said the "human suffering and misery for the entire civilian population in Gaza was creating fertile ground for the extremists".

    The Israeli branch of Physicians for Human Rights says that 11 patients have died since last month because their treatment was blocked or delayed. At least 800 more are being denied treatment abroad.

  3. Iran would've not registered on the hate list had they had a lobby as strong as the zionist one in North America and Europe.

    With all of the image polishing, fraud and truth falsification, israel managed to fail in fooling the whole world into thinking of it as any other thing aside from a fascist state.
  4. Cutten


    THe respondents just show how stupid they are by equating N Korea, a virtual slave society, with Israel, Iran, USA etc.
  5. LOL wael, you are back to your old habit of bumping up threads no one gives a shit about. Desperate, aren't you loser? Of course you hate Israel and the US, that's because you people are L-O-S-E-R-S, the US and Israel are winners, losers hate winners. Unfortunately Iran at this moment is also among the winners, so it's also hated. It will be off the hate list when it's nuclear facilities are wiped out though.
  6. I love the US! I just feel sorry for whats happening to them at your hand.

    In regard to your country israel, it represents everything that is immoral, criminal and fascist. For that reason, I oppose (not hate) that entity.

    In regard to winners and losers. Again, you define it according to your fascist mentality. apparently, the more you kill and commit war crimes, the more you steal, the more you ethnically cleanse, the more of a winner you are. In your close zionist circle, you are all winners. fortunately, the whole world does not see it through the same fascist binocular you zombies use.

    Finally, the US image was tarnished due to their foreign policy in the Middle East, a policy that is based, on a large part, on the interest of your zionist state. By backing a fascist entity in occupying another nation, by turning their back to the`suffering of the Palestinian people while demanding that every other nation be freed and by working as a free slave to you and your interest, their image has been tarnished.

    But the US has many Ron Pauls and one day they will wake up to the crimes you have committed against them. and in that...YOU...WILL...BE...THE...LOSER!!!
  7. Oh, you bet you and your ilk do. 9/11, the WTC 1993 bombing, the USS Cole bombing, the Marine Baracks in Beirut, Lockerbie....It's a very long list wael and each item on that list demonstrates your love of the US. And let me remind you that all these manifestations of the arab/muslim love had happened prior to the invasion of Iraq. And let me also remind you that the US is hated by camel fuckers from countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar etc despite the fact that these countries wanted the US to depose Saddam, actively assisted the US in the invasion of Iraq and are the only people on the planet who have actually benefited from the invasion.

    PS as far as the survey is concerned - almost 25% of the participants were muslims from [predominantly] muslim countries who were asked to express their opinion about their "enemies" the US and Israel. Duh! This alone invalidates the survey, it's like asking the criminals to evaluate cops. Also interesting is the fact that while Israel was included in the survey (of 12 major nations) the Israeli citizens were not interviewed and did not have a chance to express their opinions. But of course the citizens of tiny Lebanon were polled.
  9. my ilk?? My ilk are the Palestinians who never harmed the US.
    Nah wael. Your palestinian ilk danced in the streets on 9/11, your palestinian ilk killed american students and tourists in Israel. And you're an arab wael, in fact you're a pan-arabist and a muslim extremist so don't get me started once again on crimes against humanity committed by your arab and muslim ilk, it's almost an endless list. You're the scum of the planet attacking all other nations and religions (primarily civilians) in India, Middle East, Russia, Europe, Australia, South and North America etc, you put your women in jail for being raped, you hang them for having consensual sex, you execute gays and teenagers, you throw your political opponents from rooftops, you lynch, torture, behead... You're fucking lying backstabbing medieval savages, you should not even talk about other countries, religions and nations until you start acting like humans.

    Last time I checked, Iran is an Islamic state that is very much liked by the Arab street.
    Iran is indeed liked by the arab street, Israel is hated by the arab street. The fact that 25% of the survey's participants are muslims who don't recognize Israel's right to exist completely invalidates the results of the survey. The Russian participants in the survey almost unanimously voted for Russia thus significantly increasing its rating. The participants from 6 muslim countries had a chance to vote in favor of Iran, thus increasing Iran's rating. Of course the Israelis were deprived of the opportunity to express their opinion about Israel. Instead the right to "rate" Israel was granted to 6 countries that are in a state of war with or extremely hostile to Israel. Anyway, you should be happy that no arab country was included in the survey. Imagine how that would have turned out. But only "major nations" were included, tiny Israel made it, 350 million arabs did not, 1.5 billion muslims in the world were represented by only one shitty country.
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