Poll: is your edge emotionally or fundamentally based?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by n00b7r4d3r, Oct 21, 2007.

Is your edge emotionally of fundamentally based?

  1. emotionally

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  2. fundamentally

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  3. dont know and dont care

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  1. I had some difficulty myself if defining what i meant by an emotionally or fundamentally based edge so the best i could come up with for emotionally was:
    having superior knowledge of how other people think; exploiting their non premeditated decisions; looking at the market like a room full of monkeys who are likely to behave a certain way under certain conditions.

    fundamentally: superior knowledge of order flow; supply demand; exploiting periodic and predictable inefficiencies related to how money moves; economics stuff etc; looking at the market as a rather axiomatic structure where x bank always buys y amount of currency at 8:33 am.
  2. Robby


    Shouldn't you have a third choice for TA based?
  3. timbo


    TA is in the emotional category.
  4. As far as i understand TA is mainly supoused to be an articulation of the mechanics of emotions in the markets.