Poll: Is This Pre-Crash Action?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Answer, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. Corrective or catastrophe?
  2. First off, what is the definition of a "crash"?
    Any percentage terms?
  3. ig0r


    study history or you are doomed to repeat it

    crashes dont come when half the people on an internet message board are heralding it's arrival
  4. Mecro


  5. how is corrective crack and crash ./ no catastrophe.
  6. Pabst


    I'll bet for every one person on ET aggressively selling rallies and adding on weakness, there's 20 traders passively buying the dips and either making a couple of hard blood points, scratching, or getting hammered. The price action SCREAMS that there's not many shorts.
  7. ccasadei


    You could get a bounce tomorrow... not sure how long it will last thought....
  8. Maverick74


    The Answer is not suppose to ask a question, he's suppose to be the Answer!!!!!
  9. Pabst


    Go hang out on a non-directional thread.:D

  10. good point. SPX broke a support today. If we close below this support tomorrow we'll more than likely head down to the next support.

    I made a bit today selling LU and buying CRXA.
    #10     Mar 22, 2004