Poll: Is it humanly possible to capture 3x ATR everday?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jsmith, Aug 20, 2007.

Is it humanly possible to capture 3x ATR everday?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. jsmith


    As a trader, I'm happy to test any new trading ideas I could incorporate into my trading that would help me improve my profitability. If an trading idea fails to be realistic/profitable, I continue my search and move on.

    I don't believe anyone alive can consistently capture 3x the ATR everyday in the ES.

    I bet the Brights who have had a lifetime of trading experience and connections with hundreds of skilled traders and they do not know one person who can perform this feat.
  2. 3X ATR/day? Ridiculous!

    Average 2 points/day and the world will be your oyster.
  3. Capture 50% of ATr and u can be rich!
  4. Actually Mr Hershey qualified that statement by also saying "without ever having a single losing trade"

    So the real question becomes what mindless, gullible drones fall for such nonsense?
  5. gov


    Exactly. If the person could do even a tenth of what he/she/it claims, I would be looking out my window at the Hershey towers, banking at BOH and shopping down at the local Hershey's Warehouse. The idiot is full of shite, pure and simple. And the idiots that follow him are just fodder for the grist mill.

    As you mention, inherent in his ramblings is the concept that one should be able to trade without losses. Reality is certainly warped in his neck of the woods. I don't think he even trades, to be honest.
  6. chud


    And cruising down the Hershey Highway.
  7. Mr Hershey should graduate from posting losses in trading contests (-26% in 2002) before he takes on the psychological heat of real money.. let alone fairy dust like 3X
  8. 3x ATR??? are you mad?
  9. jsmith See attached.

  10. Jack - glad you are back - you are so good (yes, good).

    That attachment was wise. e.g. "People who are trying to get rich quick do not take the time to learn how to get rich. they cannot do crayolas because they are too busy trying to make money."
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