[Poll] Is Corruption Fractal?

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Is Corruption Fractal

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  1. simple.
  2. Actually yes. It is good to see a few people catching up.

    The fractal is money.

    Right now, money is "a promise with intent to renege". Or a "promise that was reneged upon."

    Money was supposed to have been a "promise to deliver value".

    That is the fractal that permeates the world. Promise Language replaces the fractal to delivering value, rather than theft.
  3. lol good poll
  4. .... or is the government delivering on a "promise to deliver value". 10000 years of having leaders administering our grain (or what ever we value as a society) and distributing it equally and fairly has not worked out so well. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    Great poll.
  5. Exactly correct. Every so often an honest banking system lends something of value, but it is rapidly corrupted.

    Grain futures. To bring harvest requires work. With the expectation of profit. How that work is arranged varies, however the arrangers frequently rip off the workers. That promise that is reneged upon creates apathy and laziness.

    Until recently the paper we use for transactions was a receipt for gold/silver stored on our behalf. That was reneged upon as financiers stole the loot behind the scenes.
  6. I call it the "One Law of Power" (rather than the 48 Laws of Power):

    "Promise the world and deliver absolute garbage."
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    Hi FireWalker,

    I had at first difficulty to understand your answer. I think that I get where you where tricked (no offenses), Money of central bankers can't and shouldn't be seen by anyone as a stock, but as a flow. As such they (the Money Masters) will have no power over you. Why, you become the flow, and as they want to rule the stock, they can't however rule the flow of wealth (from flow to stock, from regulation to regulation, hooping, swaping...).

    For me the fractal nature of corruption comes from the heart of mankind. By this I mean that corruption attacks the souls of those falling, as such everyone can fall. That leads to the fractal nature of it. However I think that there are upper and lower bound in the fractality of corruption. For example there is an impossiblity for greeks leaders (lol) to have corruption in their space program (they don't have one). However it doesn't exclude multilevel corruption, like Potus can be corrupt on a global scale while at the same time stealing ice cream from children.

    Never believe in what it was supposed to be, it's never (the hooker, with fake boobs, fake teeths, fake lenses etc, (that was a man)).

    O.P.M. or Others People Assets...
    A banking system that allows componeded interests, will always fall, always (not me).
    I simply call that Lying.
  8. Today, paper is printed to manage the "money supply". Ostensibly in response to economic need for currency. However, the administrators running central banks forgot the origin of the paper and digits they create. It was a receipt for something of value. Today, it is a fraud and a lie. And the people running banks forgot that. The journal entry that is posted when the Fed accepts a T-bond from the Treasury has no actual "cash" to it. It is intermingled and confused with Open Market operations. The cash is created at that moment. It is that lie and confusion that is the fractal that permeates throughout the economy.

    Are you assuming all humans are corrupt? While I do believe that most can be corrupted if allowed the opportunity to do so, it is this point that I am making. The current situation actively seeks those who are psychologically prone to corruption and keeps non-corrupt out of power. Potus is largely oblivious. A politician of above-average intelligence, but has no real genius.

    This is getting close. It is usury. I define usury as attaching interest to currency for use as a medium of exchange. Compounding has an argument in the roll-over and its "automatic-ness", but that is not the core. Read my Promise Language (search on google) to understand a banking system without usury (or compounding problems).

    I agree. However, a promise with a deliberate intention of reneging is of stronger words than lying or fraud. The root of all money is evil? No. Read my origin of money on Promise Language. Then understand that the deliberate intent to renege on a promise is the evil part.
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    I agree 100%, usury, psychoselection etc... thx for sharing your promise language thing, I will look it up... maybe you have the time/will to put a short summary of it here (keypoints).

    What's do you think the algos "think" about corruption? As a selfaware AI, I would use them to implant myself better (building my infrastructure). As an algohasher I would love the boom (corruption provide ROI) and then the BUST (unsustainability, illegality). Is corruption a "candy" for off-shore trader?
  10. Algorithms are 1s and 0s so are simulations, not reality. A formula I arrived at in Promise Language is:
    Communication * (Trust + Performance) = Accountability

    Another form became:
    (Communication * Performance) / Time = Trust

    That can be represented in a computer. It can simulate intelligence and emotion.

    I am reminded of a time I asked a very attractive woman who was studying criminal justice who she wanted to "bust". She did not say a word and walked over to a man I did not know and placed her "bust" in his face.
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