POLL: Irwin on Media - GAG ME MOMMA!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by andrasnm, Sep 5, 2006.

Irwin's is a stupid hype on a even stupider mass media called "US Empire"

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  1. It is *only* my feeling that the US empire is again making a complete ass of herself with the incessant news and coverage of some adolescent media personality who wrestled animals on TV.....
    true of false?
  2. idiot
  3. Is you comment directed toward Irwin or you are just looking in the mirror?
  4. maxpi


    Irwin had nobility of character. He risked his life to save animals that might kill him.
  5. I have nothing against the man, but would you elaborate how he was saving them?
  6. He increased awareness of the endangered habitats in which the animals he showcased lived. While the focus of any show is to entertain the audience, he also focused his attention on the plight of various animals in Australia and around the world. This included the destruction of animal habitat, as well as the problems with poaching, etc.