POLL: Intraday traders, what % of your total profits is generated by a single market?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Thunderdog, Sep 2, 2008.

Intraday traders, what % of your overall profits is generated by a single market?

  1. Less than 25%

    3 vote(s)
  2. Between 25% and 50%

    3 vote(s)
  3. Between 50% and 75%

    6 vote(s)
  4. More than 75%

    43 vote(s)
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  1. Kindly participate in this poll if you trade intraday.

    I'm just curious to know how much of your overall profitability is generated, on average, from your most profitable market, be it an index, or commodity or stock, or whatever. It doesn't matter if you trade one market or several.

    Thanks for playing. Any additional comments are welcome.
  2. dagobaz


    I only trade 1, the ES, 8 years and counting.
  3. Thanks for the post. I suspect that most of those respondents who chose the >75% answer were also probably referring to ES. Although I had traded ES for a while until a few years ago, I presently prefer NQ. I find that it accommodates my approach somewhat better and, when a trade starts going awry shortly after entry, I'm more likely to exit at near scratch with NQ than I had been able to do with ES.

    Just curious. Of the available indexes, why, specifically, do you prefer ES?
  4. dagobaz


    for a few reasons: 1) it is almost always liquid, 2) it has a more consistant harmonic than other markets, 3) when I first started trading screen, it was the only index out there with enough volume to trade, 4) I have invested enough seat time trading it now that it rarely surprises me, anymore.

  5. I am roughly 50% ES, 25% ZB, and 25% everything else (NQ, ZG, and EC).
  6. Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll thus far, and to those who posted.

    If you trade intraday and have not yet participated in the poll, then please do so.

    Also, among those of you who responded and selected the 4th choice (>75%), could you please indicate which market that is? Even a one-word post would do it, although any additional comments are certainly welcome.
  7. >75% ER2

    personal choice, ES would be fine, screen time (years) and greatest r/r dynamics of all eminis in ER combine to make it primary choice
  8. ES
  9. piezoe


    still with ER2. For how much longer i don't know, but until it stops working for me.
  10. Why would NQ be better for you than ES for instance? Any insight?
    #10     Sep 3, 2008
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