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  1. As you all know, I am a patriot with a social conscience... and I will not hold back from condemning American foreign policy where it is illegal and unfair... my stance is simple: I am opposed to our illegal war against the Iraqi freedom fighters...

    But I am fair-minded, and I am proud to call myself an even-handed patriot... what has disgusted me recently was the vitriolic way that the Saudi public have been condemning us for treating the Iraqi prisoners... yet the Saudis treat their own people worse, with well-documented cases of torture... moreover, the vast majority of the 911 terrorists were Saudi and the Saudis fund terrorism all around the world, using their oil money...

    It sickens me that we our attacking Iraq, when we should have been focussed on the Saudis...

    My poll is simple... please vote...
  2. So far the voting patterns are pretty evenly balanced...
  3. Pabst


    And of course the obvious.....this all started with us going to war with Iraq in 1991 defending Kuwait and Saudi Arabia after the Iraqi invasion!
  4. With Saddam, the war started by defending Kuwait.
    Then we layed down a cease fire agreement (and unfortunately
    involved the UN), which was blatantly ignored for over a decade
    (thanks for being a pussy clinton!), so we had every right to go back in and
    enforce it after giving Saddam more than enough chances to do so.
    (While listening to the pussy french that we need MORE time LOL)

    On what basis could we possibly invade the Saudis???????

    Now THAT would truly be a pre-emptive invasion, the kind everyone
    bitches about.



  5. The people who visit Elite and answer your polls are hardly a representative sample of the population. The polls have no external validity what so ever. They merely represent opinions of active speculators, which are a very unique group of people and differ in many significant ways from the general population.

    Statistically, these polls can serve for nothing more than cheap entertainment.

    Keep having fun then!
  6. We could invade them in order to get to their accounting practises.

    If their oil revenues are going to support terrorism then we need to occupy them big time.

    And, let's face it, rising gasoline prices in the USA is a terrorism strike clearly. It just strikes at our economy is the only difference.

    I say we should march on the Saudis - regulate their oil (take over OPEC) - get to the heart of the problem and stop effing around in Fallujah.



    ps: I did not vote.

    pss: Pabst, I thought you left ET. What gives?? If you DIDN'T leave then... pay no attention to my post about walking over, flushing the toilet and saying "Good riddance." :)
  7. i urge you all to do same.

  8. Get lost, looser... :eek:
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