Poll: Ifyou were forced to make a choice between the 2,which option would you choose?

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Which of the 2 is more emasculating?

  1. Sawing 1 of your own testicles with a rusty hacksaw....

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  2. Becoming a male nurse....

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Saw a testicle off with a rusty hacksaw or become a male nurse.... which option would make you feel like less of a man?

    Please answer truthfully.....

    (not a scientific poll)
  2. if its not a scientific poll is it a religious one then , would i have to cut off my dick and become a nun in India or in Tibet or what?
    i need more information.:(.
  3. LOL !!!
  4. Lucrum


    You got a hacksaw I can borrow? Mine is not rusty enough.
  5. luke. . . . you chose the hacksaw option that will make you feel like less of a man.
    That says a lot about your subconscious mind , maybe you really are a closet gay or a homophobic or you crave a homosexual experience or something of the sort. It is no big secret that a majority of airline pilots are inherently gay, but whatever it is, it sure sounds like you;re in some kind of denial. Please address it.
  6. 377OHMS


    I can understand a guy that is so desperate to support his family that he elects to become a male nurse.

    But a young single guy? I would probably think they were homosexual and I would probably be right.

    A rusty hacksaw is for pussies. I had a girl chase me a few blocks with a pair of shearing snips yelling that she was going to cut my balls off. These days they would call that terrorism. At the time it I just called it Tuesday. :D
  7. calling people racists and homophobes makes you seem stupid. I know you don't understand that but if everybody you talk to seems to use smaller words and talk slower when speaking to you, that's the reason.
  8. 377OHMS



    ...or they have him on Ignore.
  9. Show me where i called anybody a racist.
  10. Lucrum


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