POLL: If you trade intraday, do you use sub-one-minute charts in your trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gabfly1, Aug 12, 2010.

If you trade intraday, do you use sub-one-minute charts in your trading?

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  1. Please participate in this poll if you trade intraday.

    The reason I ask is that I recently learned that CQG, considered by many to be the gold standard of charting software, does not support sub-one-minute charting. I found this odd, and so I'm curious to know how many people here use such charts in their trading.
  2. of what use will this be to you :confused:
  3. It will scratch an itch. If relatively few people use sub-one-minute charts, then it would be that much more understandable why CQG opted to forego offering such capability. On the other hand, if a fair number of people actually do use sub-one-minute charts, then the question arises, why does the gold standard of charting not support this feature? Not that I necessarily expect this poll to be representative, but it is the only polling mechanism available to me.

    Thanks for asking.
  4. Dogfish


    Select "Tick" chart on cqg if you want a sub 1 minute chart, it will plot every trade at the price. although not a time chart per se it will give you split second plotting
  5. i guess this revelation renders this poll invalid :confused:
  6. I am aware that CQG offers tick charts. But that's not quite the same thing, is it? Among other things, a tick chart doesn't offer the same cadence as a time-based chart.

    As an aside, do you know if CQG allows you to configure the number of ticks per bar to get something that resembles OHLC? I imagine that capability should be available.
  7. who is your broker?
  8. Let's stay on topic, shall we? I have no interest in changing either the broker or software that I am currently using. I have no immediate plans to spend the monthly fee that CQG charges. The principal reason for starting this thread is because I was surprised that a high end service does not provide sub-one-minute charting. The poll is an attempt to judge the reasonableness of their decision. That is all.
  9. To what extent can you embellish CQG with you own code?

    If you can add custom indicators and have direct access to data streams - write your own Sub Bar chart.
  10. To Respond to your Poll,

    Yes I use Sub Minute Bar charts - regularly!
    #10     Aug 12, 2010