POLL: IB TWS vs J-TRADER, Which is more "Reliable"?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Nana Trader, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. I want to know which is more reliable? The question isn't
    about excution and speed, because when software has
    reliability, stability, connectivity and other issues .., then
    speed means nothing.
  2. I use j-trader as a backup. the price feed connection is lost about 20 times a day, every single day, without exception. you may still be able to place trades though, i never tried, i use it as a backup, as mentioned.
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    You have to take into account that a lot of complaints on this board about TWS are caused by unstable internet connections.
  4. Thank to those who commented and voted. I prefer
    to be on side line, as creator of this poll and don't have
    fairly good experiance on both except for the demo.

    Please don't make comments or vote bad or good
    about any plateform if you haven't tried yourself or
    haven't knowledged any experiance from traders
    that used both
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    You might want to consider to change the poll a bit. Have people give their feedback on TWS and J-trader separately. That way the people who use either one can respons as well.

  6. Aim for these thread is to know which is better to use by
    comparing them. Otherwise either of them can be good or

    For commenting:
    It's ok to comment on one platfrom which one had experiance
    with ,as far as he don't make comment on the other platform
    that he has never used.

    For voting:
    If you don't have experiance with both of them, then you
    sould not select Option No. 1 & 2

    Option No 3,4,5,6 is what traders think based more on their
    Knowledgment and information.
    Therefore i didn't want to add options for those who think
    either TWS or J-trader is good or bad only, and doesn't know
    anything about either of them.
  7. how true.

    Have been with IB 18 months. Am living presently in New Zealand and had trouble with the connections, loosing connection about once every second or third day. Investigation made me suspect overload of the internet connections from NZ to the US. Switched to the Hong Kong server and the connection has improved considerably. Have been going now for several weeks without problems. (Can only remember three lost connections in the last 3 ~ 4 months since I switched)

    (Changing ISP on its own may help too, you never know where the issue is for certain)
  8. Please vote :mad:
  9. I have had IB for almost 2 years and this is not normal for TWS. 50cents problem is consistent with *.lyt file corruption. Read my thread on file corruption.

    TWS Problems Solved by Clean Install

    Typically TWS will drop a connection for a few seconds maybe once every other or every three days which is due to internet conditions. Usually the same conditions which cause the eSignal Data Manager to turn red (lose a connection) will cause TWS to drop its connection.

    TWS hotkeys allow me to trade from a gamepad which is very nice.

    Trading using a Gamepad and IB's TWS

    I would not sign onto TWS using DSL providers which aggregate very large numbers of users maybe like AOL or MSN Broadband. Latency and connection quality may be an issue with those services. They are not really designed for people who want to keep a socket connection open all day. Most cities have reasonably priced ISPs which are oriented towards business users. Go with those.
  10. Can other J-trader users confirm this?

    Because 20 times a MONTH can't even be realstic
    to be using this platefrom then
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