POLL: How your profits roll in

Discussion in 'Trading' started by candletrader, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. Dearest Brethren,

    This poll is not about trading style or what you trade, although both of these may have ramifications for how you vote in the poll.

    What this poll asks is that, in an average month of 22 trading days, how do your profits tend to accrue?... Do you have a historical tendency to make a pretty consistent amount every day?... or do you have flat days and drawdowns for most of the month, which is made up for by a handful of big days?... or indeed, is there no discernible historical patterm to how your profits build up?

    One for all and all for one...
    Your Brother amongst Brethren,
  2. I thought I would take the opportunity to bump this thread up... I have been doing some analysis of my trades for the last month, and would be interested to see if anyone else has... if you voted for option 2, it would be interesting if you could add a quick line with some %'ages.. stuff like the % of your total number of trades that make up at least 50% of your net profits, for example... or indeed any stats which represent the reliance of your systems trading's and/or discretionary trading's success on a handful of big trades... I find that my day-to-day consistency has been slipping lately, but my profitability level has remained pretty constant largely as a result of a handful of fortunate trades... anyone else find this? But for a small number of very fortunate trades, this month would have sucked for me, but somehow my monthly equity curve has managed to look good... I am pretty stressed out with my drop in consistency, but am also presently surprised that this has not been to the detriment of the bottomline...
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    For me it is "none of the above". My systems have high win/loss ratios and about breakeven on $win/$loss. So I have nice steady gains punctuated by occasionial painful DD's.