POLL: How should we exterminate the Evil Doers held at Guantenemo Bay?

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  1. Please vote...
  2. I voted for the 4th option, as a message to the Evil Doers that we, unlike them, stand for Freedom of Choice... we should allow em to choose how they will be exterminated...
  3. Option 4 is still in the lead... let's have some more voting on this important poll...
  4. The lack of participation indicates that we know you're not serious. You'd probably rather exterminate Bill O'Reilly than the Islamic terrorists.
  5. So far the majority are in favor of lethal injection... that's a pity, I feel we should give the Evil Doers freedom of choice in their extermination...
  6. msfe


    Britons to face Guantanamo Bay military trials

    Press Association
    Friday July 4, 2003

    British detainees at Guantanamo Bay will be among the first to face trial and possible death sentences by secretive military tribunals, it emerged today.

    Moazzam Begg, 35, and Feroz Abbasi, 23, are on US President George Bush's initial list of six who could face the death penalty, although neither charges nor exact details of the tribunals have been released by the US. Both men are accused of being al-Qaida terrorists.

    Today Mr Begg's father Azmat said he was concerned his son, a father of four, would not receive a fair trial.

    He has been held at Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay for four months and was previously detained in Afghanistan for a year.

    Mr Begg's family has always maintained that he was a victim of mistaken identity. His father said: "The Foreign Office rang me up and left a message on my machine at about 11.30pm last night and I finally spoke with them this morning to hear what has happened.

    "The trial will be military, the judge will be military and yet my son is a civilian. This is just not right.

    "If the government or military are appointing people in the court, that is absolutely wrong. It should be an independent person. My son was never involved in al-Qaida. He is a proper, family man."

    Mr Abbasi's mother, Zumrati Juma, from Croydon, said at a press conference last year that her computer student son was a polite and obedient young man who would not have got involved in terrorism.

    She last saw him in December 2000 and had no idea he was in Afghanistan until she heard a news report that he had been seized in Kunduz and taken to the US compound at Kandahar.

    A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are able to confirm that two of the six detainees designated are British."

    A total of nine Britons are held at Camp Delta, including three men from Tipton - Shafiq Rasool, Asif Iqbal and Ruhal Ahmed.

    Mr Begg, from Sparkbrook, Birmingham, was seized by the CIA in Pakistan in February 2002 and taken to Afghanistan, where he was held for a year without access to British consular staff, before being transferred to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

    Stephen Jakobi, director of the British pressure group Fair Trials Abroad, said the tribunals were being "fixed" to secure convictions.

    "The US department of defence will appoint the judges and prosecutors, control the defence and make up the rules of the trial," he said. "It appears to have only one objective - to secure a conviction.

    "If they were prepared to take these people to American soil and try them under normal US prosecution, the evidence wouldn't stand up.

    "The whole Cuban exercise has become a failed and cynical public relations stunt. After 18 months, six people out of over 600 are to be tried and the rules have to be fixed, otherwise there might be no convictions."

    Neil Durkin, of Amnesty International, said: "This development is worrying in the extreme. We have been at pains for the past 18 months to point out that all circumstances in Guantanamo Bay flout international standards.

    "People have been in legal limbo for all that time, and that concerns us extremely."

    He added: "[Mr Begg's] circumstances are particularly worrying as he was picked up by special forces in Pakistan, taken to Afghanistan and held there, and then taken to Guantanamo Bay, so there have been double irregularities.

    "The outline plan for the military commissions shows they are discriminatory, as they apply only to non-US nationals, and seem to afford a second-class form of justice.

    "Last but not least, we are alarmed at the prospect of individuals facing these military courts and then being sent off to the death chamber.

    "We urge the UK government to strenuously object to any British national, or indeed any national, facing execution."

    Last month, Foreign Office minister Mike O'Brien revealed he was making urgent appeals to reverse the decision to build an execution facility at Guantanamo Bay.

    He told MPs there was a "fundamental disagreement" with America over the use of the death penalty and vowed to fight any attempts to execute the British prisoners.

    The last Briton to face execution for a crime abroad was Jackie Elliott, who in February was given a lethal injection in Huntsville, Texas, for the murder of a young woman 17 years earlier.

    Governor Rick Perry had rejected pleas for clemency from foreign secretary Jack Straw and more than 100 backbench MPs. A year earlier, an intervention from prime minister Tony Blair failed to save Tracy Housel, who suffered the same fate in Jackson state prison, Georgia.

    "It shows, sadly, that US jurisdictions do not necessarily listen to protestations from Downing Street or anyone else," said Amnesty's Mr Durkin.
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  9. Lethal injection has a whopping 75% of the votes... I suppose this method of extermination is the most humane... that's how they exterminate ill pet Pussy's too...
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