POLL: How shall we make the USA more competitive?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Please vote...
  2. For the majoroty of our population to get off of their lazy asses and stop thinking that they are entitled to have the government take care of them.
  3. Work hard, play hard ... Increase incentives to innovate. Reduce Welfare programs for people who have no desire to work yet are able to.

    Reduce government to a level that is just large enough and efficient enough to keep capitalism in check and let this country ride on capitalism.

    Get more people involved in their community. Get people out of their houses so they know what their neighbors' names are throughout their community.

    Reduce litigation and make people more responsible for their own actions instead of finding someone with deep pockets to sue. If little Johny falls off a swing at the city park, the park is not responsible. We've all been banged up as kids -- mommy shouldn't be suing the city.

    Institute some form of flat taxes. Stop penalizing the rich. Some are rich because they inherited it but a good majority work very hard for it. It is their money -- stop giving it to lazy city scumbags who just sit around and have sex for more babies so they can afford more crack.

    Balance local, state and federal budgets. Try to run a surplus and put that money away for bad economic times so that government can spend to help create jobs.

    Take care of the Saudi problem -- stabilize Iraq quickly and get out. Pull our boys out of the middle east. Fund initiatives to reduce our dependence on oil and other petroleum products.

    Slowly restore our image of a great country that isn't hated by a majority of the world. Get rid of the terrorism color codes -- it is a huge joke (like we'll ever be below yellow). Accept the fact that we are vulnerable like many other countries. Deal with it accordingly.

    Stop fingerprinting people that come into our country to visit. It is just rude and unnecessary.

    Provide for more money for schools, colleges -- federal grants for smart kids who couldn't otherwise afford to go to good colleges. Invest in the youth and make education available to anyone who seeks it.

    Get rid of fascist-like bills such as the "Patriot Act." Keep the Patriot Act II from getting passed (even though it has now been chopped up and conveniently shoved into other bills). Charging Meth creators with weapons of mass destruction is a red flag that something is terribly wrong. That is just one example.

    Those are just some ideas ...
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    How do we make the US more competitive?
    Isn't it competitive enough for you guys?

    Everytime I get close to winning the rat race they make faster rats. I am frigging pooped.

    If we eliminate everyone with a low IQ, who the hell is going to clean the fish? Collect the garbage? Mow the lawn? Is Einstein your gardener?

    If we ship all the rednecks to Afghanistan, who is going make my automobile? Protect my ass? Would you say the small town police are mentally gifted? Thank the lord they want that job!

    More Asians? More Soviets? Don't we have enough frigging wetbacks? Bush already opened the gates and let in the flood from Mexico. We are going to sink into the ocean if anymore people come here. Especially Florida.

    Al Sharpton.....that is a man without a clue. He is going to be eliminated if you kill everyone with an IQ under 100 anyway. I thought he was a joke from a Doonsbery strip.

  5. Well done, sister!