POLL: How many weeks off from trading do you take during the Summer?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by candletrader, May 6, 2003.

  1. Please vote on this poll...
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    dreadfully boring market ever...

    3 months of travel for me
  3. almost the whole month of August....I'm 15minutes from Saratoga Race Track

    and it's golf and hiking/biking ....travel down to the beaches of LI and CapeCod

    I can't wait.

    Been keeping trips local...have not been on a plane since 2001. I know its safe, but there are so many good things to do right here in my backyard.
    In addition to the above I have:
    Lake George (1hr drive)
    Boston (2hr drive)
    NYC 2.5hrs
    Montreal 5hrs
    and so much more:cool:
  4. My overriding concern is that I take a well-deserved long vacation at precisely the wrong time, missing the sort of awesome profits that I had last July and August (two months which made 2002 a real decent year for me)... you will all undoubtedly recall those amazing coupla months when the market was "meant" to be dead but was in fact alive 'n kickin...