Poll: How many posts does it take before a thread becomes too stupid to read?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mbradley, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. I am looking for the over/under of where the typical thread starts to break down and becomes stupider than your average Motley Fool trader.

    I believe it is 13. That is, after thirteen posts, more than half of all threads have become unbearably too stupid to read any more.

    Where do you place the over-under? We should be able to make a market with enough participants.

    My prediction? Around the tenth to thirteenth post someone will start crying about how this is unproductive and how we should run MACD study on the results.
  2. For this one...TWO!

  3. prox


    I think you forgot the poll..
  4. Prox, I was thinking we would do this Open Outcry and come to a consensus. I am bidding 13 right now
  5. 9 offered.....stop loss/triple reverse at 12.

  6. Some start out too stupid to read.
  7. EBOAH


    I think a thread becomes too stupid to read when all the so called market geniuses, gurus and knowitalls come out of the wood work and start to bash, criticize, and insult everyone who do not agree with their views.

    I think we know who they are. These people have nothing better to do than post all day long and bash other members!

    Its very pathetic and not productive.
  8. very passive aggressive EBOAH.