POLL: How many Iraqi scum will have been exterminated by the end of the war

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  1. Let's have a poll about numbers... please vote for how many Iraqi scum you think will be exterminated by the time we have risen the Stars 'n Stripes over Baghdad?
  2. I voted for Option 5...
  3. Of all people, why is a political person like you calling human beings "scum"? I don't consider them "scum." They are people who either believe in what they are doing or were ordered to fight. If you were born an Iraqi, you might very well think just like they do. You and I are simply lucky that we were not.

    That said, I am still for the war. Killing people is not a nice thing. However, I know that sometimes there aren't many options and that's what it can come down to. At least we give them opportunities to surrender and won't poke their eyes out if they do.

    If you're joking, it's not funny, and you're a fucking idiot. Nice bullshit signature, BTW.

    I'm an American and that is not how I think. What the fuck are you trying to accomplish with that signature? All you're doing is making yourself look like an insensitive, stereotypical, jerk. But go ahead, you're free to be an idiot if that's what you choose (or can't help it).

  4. Very true, Brother Fruity...
  5. Brother Fruity,

    Out of concern for unity amongst patriots, I changed my signature... do you like it now?

  6. Not many votes so far... let's get this poll rolling!!
  7. I just heard on the wires that the first combat death has been suffered by the US marines... we must punish the evil Iraqis for killing one of our boys... we must not tolerate such terrorism...
  8. msfe


    Pentagon Adviser Is Also Advising Global Crossing

    By STEPHEN LABATON - New York Times

    WASHINGTON, March 20 — Even as he advises the Pentagon on war matters, Richard N. Perle, chairman of the influential Defense Policy Board, has been retained by the telecommunications company Global Crossing to help overcome Defense Department resistance to its proposed sale to a foreign firm, Mr. Perle and lawyers involved in the case said today.

  9. I would never tell you to change your signature. Go ahead and change it back if you want. If that's what you believe, fine. However, just expect to get some feedback regarding it.

    I am seriously wondering why you're using the term "scum" in regards to people? Are you joking or are you not? Are you calling the Iraq military "scum" as a joke because you think all us Americans are idiots, or do you really believe they are scum?

    F. P.
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