POLL: How long will VIX stay < 20

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DK_, Dec 4, 2003.

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    What do you think?
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    Here's a graph
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    Thanks Bruto, I hadn't heard of that yet. I guess all us mechanical traders can have a hedge by shorting VIX futures :)

  4. the VIX will stay below 20 forever unless the world ends...(or people suddenly believe it will)...

    PS grasso was never a specialist...
  5. until you stop asking.. really
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    say what?
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    IMHO the vix will go lower if we do not see a insurge of volume around Jan/Feb. Vix could go to 12 and stay there for years, just look at the 70s market, not sure what the vix was then, but im sure it was close to 12.

    You might still have individual options/equities with volititly, Exp, Ntes, Sina, Sohu, Sndk....... there may be new ones to take their place.

    the VIX as an over all market indicator is over for a while. Just like the pennie spreads killed the over all Nazdaq trading....The VIX has become to much of a focuse for the amatures......and will stay at low levels for a while.

    Of course...X factor....another bad hit by the terrorist....something that would increase the FEAR FACTOR, may trigger a run up in the VIX...however.....i doubt any of that will happen soon.