Poll - How is the majority of your P&L made?

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  1. Scalping/hft

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  2. Day trading (exit at close)

    17 vote(s)
  3. Swing trading (day trading w/o exit - gap fills)

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  4. Trend following (multiday runs)

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  5. I'm not yet usually-profitable

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  1. Scalping? Swing? Day trading... please be honest if you're not consistently profitable, so you can learn something! :)
  2. None of the above fit. Event-driven.
  3. mm19


    longterm trades. trade 1x a year or so :cool:
  4. if exit at close means holding til the close i checked the wrong box- i'm flat by the end of each day is what i took that to mean.
  5. Charging people for my seminars.
  6. Mostly long term swings.

    When something good drops like an index im interested i dollar cost average until the trend changes.
  7. hysterical :D
  8. Handle123


    Long term commodities- finding the tops/bottoms
    Long term Stocks both trend and counter-trend
  9. trailbill


    It took alot of years and a good amount of tuition paid to the school of hard knocks, but I have been profitable scalping and day trading now for over a year.

    People always say you should trade money you can afford to lose. For me, I decided to take several years off from trading and built up a large amount of trading capital. When I returned to trading, I was trading very large amounts of money relative to anything that I previously had. The result was that I became hyper-vigilent about stops and exits. Prior to that, the amounts I traded were much like gambling in a casino. If I lost it, it was no big deal. Now I trade with a large chunk of my net worth. As a result, I watch my trades like a hawk and am very quick to pull the trigger on an exit. The key here is that losers stay small. When I was trading smaller amounts, I let the losers turn into account busting trades. Now, I cant afford to do that.

    I am not saying this is a blueprint for success for everyone, but I do know it was the way that I "grew up" as a trader..
  10. nursebee


    Buy and hold not an option.
    #10     Apr 26, 2012