Poll: Hillary Clinton More Popular Than Obama Among Voters!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by trader_t870, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Lucrum


    Hillary Clinton More Popular Than Obama Among Voters!!!

    Now THAT is a sad state of affairs.
  2. Obama is one finished monkey
  3. The only positive thing Obama has done was to push the Clinton's to the background and he can't even get that right.
  4. Wow! "This current economy is a tough time to be a leader"

    No one would give that courtesy to Bush.
  5. JDL


    obama you got the haters comming out now bro, let them hate it will eat up most of there lives :p
  6. he earned his dislike mostly because of Iran, Afghanistan, and a general perception he was not that bright.

  7. Here is your boy Michael Moore talking about inauguration day 2001. You are going to have to find another excuse for your blind hatred.

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  8. Obaaaaaama in 9 months has proven to be an abject failure.

    Only support for him around here comes from the Marxist twits who inhabit this board. Some of the nonsense thrown around by them makes me want to puke.
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