Poll- High school diploma or GED to vote

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Required high school diploma or GED to vote

  1. Yes- Minimum education should be required

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  2. No- Let any dope choose our leaders

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  1. Do you think it should be mandatory to have a high school diploma or at least a GED to be able to vote?
  2. Yes. HS Diploma only.

    Why did I bust my ass in HS taking extra classes that I didn't need when I could have just dropped out and got a GED?
  3. Yeah. High School.
  4. I say no. Age requirement is fine. Completing high school is only completion of indoctrination by the Democratic teachers union.

    In '04 when Bush won, the teachers wore black. This past election, there was some issue with union members and Obama lapel pins.
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    Forext Maybe you should try to answer your own question.

    I would say niether a HS diploma or a GED are a good test of voting knowledge.
  6. huh


    Naaaa I'd say neither. Either military service or some sort of peace corps service for at least a year before you're allowed to vote :)

    If this credit debacle has taught us anything, its that GED, HS diploma, college graduate, illeterate whatever....doesn't seem to matter, just a world full of idiots.
  7. Yes I have said for years that there should be a mandatory IQ tests in order to vote.
  8. Social Darwinism
  9. Well, that would certainly absolve you of any responsibility.
  10. I wonder what % of people supportive of the issue HAVE this minimum education compared to the % who do not.

    How about people without this level of education making more money than people who have it? Should we include them?

    We managed to deprive non-landowners, women, minorities and others from voting for a long time.

    Wonder how you would feel about this suggestion if you did NOT have your GED or HS diploma...

    We are either a democracy or we are oppressors.
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